About Us

Wasabi is an authentic Japanese restaurant with a touch of some Eastern and Western fusions. Highlighting its utmost care in the raw material, always using first-choice ingredients. Wasabi was born from the care and passion that its chef Mauricio Cornejo has towards this peculiar gastronomy. The restaurant's philosophy is to entertain diners from start to finish, paying the utmost attention to every detail of their experience. A restaurant in full Japanese style, with ornaments and paintings typical of the land of Rising Sun, offers ultra-traditional cuisine, with the best sushi dishes, accompanied by a spectacular show by the chefs during the preparation of the dishes, making Wasabi a unique restaurant.
Cuisines Japanese
Restaurant Type Premium Casual
Cuisine Styles Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Seafood
Services Free Wi-Fi, Takeaway, Disabled access, Delivery
Payment Options Cash, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Map & Contacts

Address Lersundi Kalea, 3
Bilbao, 48009
Telephone (+34) 944249185