Best Restaurants in Madrid


$$$$ Lateral Derecho, C. Del Príncipe De Vergara, 205, 28002, Madrid
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining
The Toledo chef Javier Aranda has his restaurant Gaytán in Madrid, with a Michelin star. With it, it has become a reference restaurant and a gastronomic whim of the city. Gaytán is like a surprise, something you don’t expect but inevitably makes you feel good. Displaying a unique concept of culinary excellence, Chef Javier Aranda offers an experience in which plates are elaborated directly opposite the guests. The grand oval shaped kitchen renders the client’s curiosity and provides an environment in which guests can enjoy the true art that is cooking while interacting with chefs live and in person.

La Tasqueria De Javi Estevez

$$$$ C. Del Duque De Sesto, 48, 28009, Madrid
Spanish European Casual Dining
La Tasqueria De Javi Estevez: An avant-garde concept of new creations that treats ingredients with love and offers fun as well as appetizing dishes, this is a rediscovery of Madrid’s gastronomic tradition and a reinvention of offal’s elegant side. Reinterpreting offal is our philosophy. A creative twist to honor offal lovers and, in addition, a chance to show those who are less keen on this kind of food that our cuisine can be acceptable to everyone.

Corral De La Moreria

$$$$ C. De La Moreria, 17, 28005, Madrid
Spanish Mediterranean Premium Casual
Corral de la Morería has two dining areas for presenting its culinary creations. Its unique restaurant, Restaurante Corral de la Morería, is where the chef creates a very personal culinary proposal designed exclusively for four tables. Meanwhile, Restaurante Tablao is the restaurant where the stage is located, where you can enjoy a unique experience, also under David García’s culinary management, as well as the show at what is considered the world’s best flamenco tablao. Corral de la Morería also has one of the most complete wine cellars in Spain, with a wine list featuring a special section with over 1,000 different sherry wines, including a part dedicated to old bottles, making it the world’s most important sherry wine list.

Restaurante Gala

$$$ C. De Espronceda, 14, 28003, Madrid
Spanish Premium Casual
The Gala Restaurant is located on Calle Espronceda, in the traditional Chamberí neighborhood of Madrid. Elaborated market cuisine in which the quality of the ingredients and the care carried while cooking them are obvious and to the taste in each dish.


$$$$ NH Eurobuilding, C. Del Padre Damián, 23, 28036, Madrid
Spanish Chinese International Fine dining
New unexplored ways of understanding the gastronomic experience. A journey through the hedonistic, greedy and creative world of Dabiz Muñoz, avant-garde cuisine in which everything is possible. DiverXO is located in Madrid.

RECREO Espartinas

$$$$ C. De Espartinas, Nº 5, 28001, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Current tavern, of our times. Respecting Spanish culture and traditions, recovering our way of socializing in taverns, Recreo was born. The starting point will be the tapas and dishes to share from the traditional recipe book with a different touch... where ingredients from here and there will coexist. Recreo is located in Madrid not far from Parque del Retiro.


$$$$ C. De Prim, 13, 28004, Madrid
Peruvian Premium Casual
Tampu was born as a brand 8 years ago in the Prosperidad neighborhood in Madrid. Since then, chef Miguel Valdiviezo has shown us a different perspective of Peruvian cuisine, making this cuisine a benchmark in Madrid. Tampu is a Peruvian restaurant in the heart of Madrid. In our restaurant, we have a bar area and the main room divided by a large mirror to give a feeling of spaciousness and intimacy. To enjoy the essence of the new Tampu dishes, when you take the first bite of that dish you chose, close your eyes, chew, make sure you taste that food.

Restaurante Noi

$$$$ C. De Recoletos, 6, 28001, Madrid
Italian Casual Dining
NOI is a new concept of Italian restaurant open to new flavors but still devoted to what is "Made in Italy". The restaurant is characterized by a deep respect for the natural material, simplicity, and superb customer service. NOI is an emotional journey from the north to the south of Italy, the client will live an experience of contrast and pairing that will revive memories and attend them on a sensitive and contemporary gastronomic tour.


$$$$ C. Del Marqués Del Riscal, 11, 28010, Madrid
Spanish European Fine dining
A few steps from the center of Madrid, the Sandoval brothers present you with a culinary voyage that is far from conventional. Mario, Coque’s chef, experiments with innovative techniques such as the hydrolysis of an egg, the study of vegetable DNA and the extraction of polyphenols from wine. The unique and delicate flavours recall souvenirs of the past, a landscape — relying on the palate and nose, but also touch and imagination. Beginning in the wine cellar with Rafael, the sommelier, then continuing to the kitchen, the final touch is achieved with the dining room whose decor bears the signature of the prestigious architect Jean Porsche.

Etimo By Begoña Fraire

$$$$ Cl. De Ayala, 27, 28001, Madrid
Spanish European Premium Casual
Chef Begoña Fraire change of scenery and neighborhood to open her new Restaurante Étimo at the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca, at 27 Ayala Street. We propose a kitchen that recovers the tradition in order to suggest new and unforgettable flavors. Our fish, poultry and meat are raised in healthy environments, with a 100% organic diet and meticulous care, respecting their well-being.

Platea Madrid

$$$ Calle De Goya, 5, 7, 28001, Madrid
Spanish International European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
Platea Madrid: Where the flavors of the world are cited. A new gastronomic concept where you will come to enjoy the best Mediterranean flavors, and many more from other latitudes. A spacious hall located on our ground floor, where you will find the best place to share in a family meal or even a most romantic dinner on Madrid's golden mile. Enjoying the restaurant, tasting avant-garde tapas at the patio or celebrating with the best cocktails. Platea offers also Aerial dance, Live DJ sessions. Bands, artists and many other shows.

Ramon Freixa Madrid

$$$$ Calle De Claudio Coello, 67, 28001, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
In the heart of the Salamanca district, by the secret garden of Único Hotel Madrid, there is a place where art meets gastronomy. Dishes hiding stories to be discovered one bite at a time, scenes where tradition and avant-garde coexist, madness and common sense. Compositions that don’t forget that flavor will always take center stage, having received the international recognition of chef Ramón Freixa, who here treasures two Michelin stars and three Repsol Suns. Ramón Freixa Madrid is about all that and more.


$$$$ C. De Ferraz, 36, 28008, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
The Enklima restaurant is located in the Argüelles neighborhood of Madrid, on Ferraz street. We offer two closed tasting menus. We focus on seasonal produce giving it a personal touch. Our cuisine is international, with a good amount of tradition. Known flavors and not so much, showing a lot of respect towards the good product, producers, and suppliers.


$$$$ Carrera De S. Jerónimo, 34, 28014, Madrid
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining
CEBO is an exclusive culinary offer based on the concept of contemporary, progressive and free cuisine, dedicated to the local product and renewed according to season. An evolutionary cuisine with the greatest respect for the product. In CEBO customers will find receipts that touch their tastes’ memory in the flavors, in the technique and in the service. The kitchen of CEBO maintains the balance between technique and product, and delves into the flavors of the traditional pantry and local products. Seasonal fish and vegetables are the highlights of a menu that also has meat references. CEBO restaurant is located in Madrid, not far from Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

99 Sushi Bar Eurobuilding

$$$$ C. Del Padre Damián, 23, 28036, Madrid
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
Japanese haute cuisine, hot and cold, made from the best raw materials by chef Roberto Limas. More than 300 references of wines, champagnes, and sakes were selected by Mónica Fernández, director of the group and sommelier. Enjoy the 99 Sushi Bar experience in Madrid.

Paco Roncero Restaurante

$$$$ C. De Alcalá, 15, 28014, Madrid
Spanish European Fine dining
Paco Roncero Restaurant opened its doors under the name of La Terraza del Casino at the end of 1990, in one of the most special locations of the Madrid Casino, located at the top and with a spectacular terrace with some of the best views of the city. With a gastronomic offer for those who are looking for the best raw material together with a technical and creative avant-garde that translates not only into a cooking style but also into the way of offering and understanding gastronomy as a unique sensory experience.


$$$$ C. De San Bartolomé, 23, 28004, Madrid
Italian Casual Dining
An intimate and welcoming restaurant serving Italian cuisine that comes as a welcome surprise given that it is not always easy finding home-cooked pasta. Delightful place divided over two levels and run by a couple from Piedmont. It offers classic Italian cuisine with modern dishes. Gioia restaurant is located in Madrid, near the Gran Via street.

Ferretería Restaurante

$$$$ C. De Atocha, 57, 28012, Madrid
Spanish Bistrot
National and seasonal product, treated with respect and great care, traditional recipes with innovative touches so that you can enjoy the best gastronomy in a unique place, full of history and art. Ferretería restaurant is located in Madrid, in Atocha street.

Atico Restaurant

$$$$ C. Del Marqués De Valdeiglesias, 1, 28004, Madrid
Spanish European Premium Casual
Touch the sky of Madrid among the glowing rooftops of the Gran Vía, with the bustling rhythm of Madrid for a backdrop at our Ático restaurant. Here, a two-Michelin star chef displays his usual artistry, offering a casual and spontaneous menu for the everyday without abandoning authenticity. Ático is a place where the most creative and original flavours are mixed with technique, along with the careful selection of produce. An elegant, sophisticated, yet unhurried place that invites you to travel through culinary heritage in a journey round the different corners of Spain through its varied offers. It's Ramón Freixa with a pret-a-porter attitude.

Casa Mortero

$$$$ C. De Zorrilla, 9, 28014, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Casa Mortero is a simple and cozy restaurant in Madrid city Center. A space built with people, designers, and artisans who enjoy their work and often do things by hand. This place is a space created to accompany a traditional meal. We work with recipes that are already traditional. We cook using tried and true techniques: over low heat, on the grill. We make preserves the old-fashioned way: pickles, salted fish, relish... We enjoy our gastronomic history and want to bring it to the table.
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