Best Restaurants in Madrid

Davanti Ristorante

$$$ C. De Augusto Figueroa, 41, 28004, Madrid
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
The best and most decadent homemade pasta you will find in Madrid is at Davanti. There are no secrets in this corner of Chueca; everything is "in front" of your eyes. From the ingredients that embellish the environment, and the products of the Small Market, to the final plating, followed with care in front of the diner. From the early morning hours, the kitchen staff starts preparing the dough so that you can enjoy fresh pasta, as well as surprise you with typical and traditional dishes of Italian cuisine, respecting the ingredients and the original culture. Fresh burrata, mozzarella brought directly from Italy, tomatoes from the local market, mushrooms, Parmesan and an infinite number of other delicious products make the menu an absolute pleasure.

Restaurante Morgana

$$ C. De La Libertad, 5, 28004, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
In Morgana, you will travel to Galicia without leaving the capital. A project with two managers: Augusto Álvarez and Miguel F. Vidal. Miguel has extensive experience in the kitchen in various restaurants on his land and other countries. Avant-garde Galician cuisine sieved from Asia, Mexico or Peru, with quality products. 3 years after opening, the restaurant has continued to grow, not only with a new location but also in the concept, brand and level. Miguel F. Vidal: "I would define Morgana's cuisine as an itinerant cuisine with a Galician soul" Based on Galician products, with exotic flavours of Asian and Latin American cuisine.


$$ Calle De Fuencarral, 74, 28004, Madrid
Mexican Casual Dining Family Style
Santita is a Mexican restaurant in the heart of central Madrid. A welcoming, casual, straightforward restaurant that welcomes its diners in this location is welcoming and spacious, almost like entering someone's home. A warm environment that warms the stomachs of customers, ready to taste and savour the delicacies of the Menu. The menu is radically based on a Mexican tradition, proposing typical Latin American culinary dishes accompanied by wines, beers and drinks.


$$$$ C. Del Conde De Xiquena, 4, 28004, Madrid
Argentinean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Charrùa is a steakhouse in the heart of Madrid. The beef tradition is delicious, juicy and high-quality meat from one of Argentina's most sought-after and renowned lands for beef. Superfine quality cuts of meat frame an elegant, casual location, with an atmosphere of soft lights, which give the place a quiet atmosphere, almost like a jazz bar, accompanying a beef steak. Along with this, the cellar cannot be missing, which offers some of the best reds around from the best local and non-local producers.


$$ C. Del Molino De Viento, 4, 28004, Madrid
Japanese Mexican International Asian Fast Casual Family Style
Sakàle is a fusion restaurant which delves into different culinary cultures, mixing them and creating an innovative and, at the same time, captivating meeting of tastes. Let's talk about the Mexicans and the Japanese, two opposed cultures that meet. Two conflicting worlds, however, find harmony in Sakàle, which re-proposes the typical traditional dishes with a mix to leave you speechless and on a full stomach. Tortillas, tapas, nachos, sushi, fish dishes and sashimi make this place unique, creating a convivial, youthful and relaxing atmosphere.

El Barril De Las Cortes

$$$ Cra De S. Jerónimo, 17, 28014, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
El Barril De Las Cortes is one of those places that remain engraved in a customer's mind. One of the few to make authentic market cuisine simple, traditional and approachable. The place looks simple and elegant at the same time. Simple, Iberian cuisine with Mediterranean and European influences. Typical conventional dishes, served classically, accompanied by excellent quality wines, with an abundant choice of various wineries and local producers.

Kuoco 360 Food

$$ C. De San Bartolomé, 14, 28004, Madrid
European Premium Casual
In the Cuoko 360 concept, the great protagonist is taste. With the team of its creator, chef Rafa Bergamo, ingredients without borders are mixed and faithful and respectful of the sustainable product found in the 360 degrees of the earth, so you get an explosion with every bite. Accompanying the taste, sight and smell are not left aside since the aesthetics of the dish and its aromas are carefully studied to follow the logical line that allows diners to travel and enjoy multiple cultures and trends by the hand of Andrés Belt and room equipment. There are no limits to this concept; it's 360 food, a complete fusion of the planet product by product, dish by dish.

Metro Bistro

$$$ C. Imperial, 3, 28012, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
A proposal of avant-garde cuisine with varied and excellent gastronomic proposals that adapt to social and corporate events. The passion is the permanent satisfaction of customers and the continuous improvement of services through innovation in gastronomic proposals. Matias Smith’s cuisine is subtly simple, with special care in its presentation and unique dishes made with all passion and creativity. With a simple and, at the same time, cosy, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, Metro Bistro offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for your celebrations. Personalized attention and the work of an enthusiastic, organized and responsible team.


$$ C. Del Almendro, 25, 28005, Madrid
American Casual Dining
Cedròn is a small, informal restaurant in Madrid that welcomes its customers to enjoy a different and first-rate culinary experience. Mediterranean cuisine, with Spanish tapas, seafood first courses and meat and fish second courses. An extensive wine list, carefully chosen by trained sommeliers, accompanies each meal in the best possible way.

La Bien Aparecida

$$$$ C. De Jorge Juan, 8, 28001, Madrid
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
LaBien Aparecida is located in the heart of Madrid and is one of the most renowned restaurants in the city. A restaurant with a Michelin star guarantees goodness and absolute quality in the ingredients. An elegant, refined location, perfect for a romantic dinner or a business meeting. An outdoor space used as a garden, where diners can enjoy their meal in the open air. An Iberian cuisine, with European and international contaminations, welcomes different flavours that bring harmony to all palates.

Marina Ventura

$$$ C. De Ventura De La Vega, 13, 28014, Madrid
Spanish Mediterranean Premium Casual
Marina Ventura is a fish restaurant located in the centre of the Spanish capital. A location with an elegant atmosphere with soft lighting instils a spirit of relaxation and conviviality. A cuisine purely based on fresh and daily catch guarantees absolute top-quality freshness. A remarkable wine list accompanies diners on this journey with a Mediterranean flavour.


$$ C. De Sta. Isabel, 45, 28012, Madrid
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Oliveto is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Madrid, offering traditional cuisine. The smells of the Mediterranean, the Italian colours, and the flavours of the lands. A straightforward restaurant, which puts Italian dishes at the centre of everything, among which a Neapolitan-style pizza cooked in a stone oven excels, pasta first courses accompanied by any side dish and second courses, among which we find Florentine steaks and daily catch deriving directly from the Iberian and Tyrrhenian coasts.


$ C. De Las Hileras, 2, 28013, Madrid
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
A natural Italian-style laboratory where hundreds and hundreds of grams and kilograms of pasta are created every day, different, long and short, rough and smooth. IMpasta is a small restaurant where pasta is king. A surplus of first courses to be envied. Pasta of all kinds, with all sorts of sauces. A simple menu, hard to go wrong, accompanied by excellent wines and a careful selection of malts, will leave you with the sensation of wanting to return as soon as possible.

Bodega De Los Secretos

$$$$ Calle De San Blas, 4, 28014, Madrid
Spanish International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
At the Bodega de los Secretos, we offer you a gastronomic experience allowing you to enjoy avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine in cosy 17th-century caves with a unique charm. A unique architecture to enjoy a magical restaurant in the most intimate and romantic caves in the centre of Madrid. Mediterranean cuisine is presented elegantly and in perfect harmony with a unique, fairy-tale and romantic setting.

Restaurante DCorazon

$$ Pl. Mayor, 30, 28012, Madrid
Spanish International European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Ham session. Learn to differentiate EL HAM by trying it. Participate in our tastings and workshops in Madrid if you like a good glass of wine and workshops on beer, ham, and sparkling wines. If you want to know the moments that come from tasting all these wonders, then we have an appointment. A Mediterranean, Spanish cuisine that leaves everyone with a unique flavour on the palate. A welcoming place, almost incredible, for its stone characterization, seeming to eat in a cave.

La Malontina

$$$ C. De La Verónica, 4, 28014, Madrid
Spanish International Mediterranean Casual Dining
Located on Calle Verónica, in the Barrio de Las Letras, La Malontina offers an honest, comforting cuisine that makes simplicity and products its strengths. The restaurant has created proposals that take from traditional values, such as the quality of the ingredients and respect for the times that each preparation requires, highlighting influences from other latitudes to offer a cuisine of the world and for the world.

Grama Lounge

$ C. De La Cruz, 19, 28012, Madrid
International Fast Casual Family Style
Grama Lounge returns renewed, in this case with an internal terrace with an open roof and beach sand, with a new location and a different and daring menu proposal praising the most outstanding flavours of Mediterranean gastronomy, preserving its Caribbean touches and remaining faithful to its signature cocktail menu, with tropical flavours based on natural fruits, keeping good music and the best #NoProblem atmosphere of the Grama group.

Los Montes De Galicia

$$$$ C. De Azcona, 46, 28028, Madrid
Spanish International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Jose Espasandín, businessman and restaurateur, sets the illusion of his life in motion: his place was born as a neighbourhood restaurant. Thus was born, in 1997, Los Montes de Galicia. His dedication and attention to detail, as well as his strong commitment to quality produce, quickly made it a successful restaurant. A wide variety of traditional recipes and the unique touch of style and modernity have made the restaurant a point of reference for Galician cuisine in Madrid. Fish and shellfish specialities are the basis of the Galician tradition. Great variety of meats and sausages typical of the Iberian lands. In addition to tasting the best Galician cuisine, you can share a good aperitif in the cocktail bar, eat a light snack or have a drink after work.

La Barraca

$$$ C. De La Reina, 29, 28004, Madrid
Spanish Mediterranean Premium Casual
It was in 1935 when the Solís family decided to bring an essential piece of their beloved Valencian region to Madrid. Since then, La Barraca has been the example to follow of the famous classic Spanish cuisine. In the course of three generations, they have never lost the values and the culinary heritage of the ancient recipes. The rice and the paella are cooked with the best products, which is the most prestigious: the “Bomba” rice with OD. Valencia (from Valencia). There is so much intuition and heart in the Barraca's kitchen to achieve the style, giving each dish a unique character.

El Social

$$ C. De Hernán Cortés, 19, 28004, Madrid
International Mediterranean Casual Dining
El Social integrates a social dimension into its commercial work: sustainability. To participate in the circular economy and reduce environmental pollution. El Social wants to make enjoying the menu offers, and commitment to sustainability translate into a pleasant experience for its customers. A sustainable, bio, green cuisine that cooperates with the planet and for the earth. An informal, straightforward environment that welcomes everyone, young and old.
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