Best Japanese Restaurants in Spain

Kai La Caleta

$$$ Calle El Muelle, 2 Edif. Famar, Local 3/4, 38679, La Caleta
Japanese Asian Ethnic Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
"Kai in La Caleta, Tenerife, is an exquisite and contemporary restaurant that stands out as a culinary gem, offering a unique fusion of international cuisines in one of Tenerife's most picturesque locales. Located in the charming coastal village of La Caleta, Kai has quickly garnered a reputation for its innovative dishes, stylish ambience, and exceptional service, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. The décor of Kai is a testament to modern elegance and sophistication. The restaurant features a sleek and minimalist design, with an open, airy layout that creates a relaxing and upscale dining environment. Natural materials, subtle lighting, and neutral colours add to the chic and refined atmosphere. The outdoor seating area offers stunning sea views, providing a serene backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience. At the heart of Kai's culinary expertise is a menu that showcases a creative fusion of flavours from around the world. The kitchen team at Kai takes pride in using the freshest local ingredients to craft visually stunning and gastronomically exciting dishes. The menu is a dynamic blend of international cuisines, offering various dishes ranging from new seafood creations and gourmet meat entrées to innovative vegetarian and vegan options. Each dish is a culinary art designed to surprise and delight the palate.

IZAKAYA | High Japanese Cuisine

$$$$ Carrer De Monsenyor Palmer, 2, Ponent, 07014, Palma de Mallorca
Japanese Fine dining
Savour a new gastronomic experience, Japanese haute cuisine, on the Paseo Marítimo of Palma. Our avant-garde-style restaurant has masters of haute Japanese cuisine, so your experience will be unique in a modern and cosy atmosphere.

Fera Palma Restaurant

$$$$ C/ De La Concepció, 4, Centre, 07012, Palma de Mallorca
Japanese Fine dining
Fera’s Borderless Mediterranean-Asian Cuisine is inspired by Executive Chef, Simon Petutschnig’s love for Japanese flavours along with the rich source of seasonal ingredients found in Spain. Fera is an interactive journey of Simon’s culinary evolution where texture, flavour and ingredients are paramount. The exclusive menus offered, as well as the a la carte menu, welcome our customers. Fera’s wine list is carefully hand-picked to emphasise wines that communicate a sense of quality and authenticity. Fera is also the only restaurant on the island to offer the award winning Difference Coffee, which was founded with the aim to identify the world’s best coffee and make them with a difference.

KAIZEN Restaurant

$$$ Carrer De L'Argenteria, 7, Centre, 07001, Palma de Mallorca
Japanese Asian Elegant & Chic
Welcome to KAIZEN Restaurant, where culinary excellence meets the art of continuous improvement in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. Our restaurant is a celebration of Asian-inspired cuisine, offering a dining experience that combines tradition, innovation, and the quest for perfection. As you step into KAIZEN, you'll be embraced by an ambience that exudes elegance and a deep appreciation for Asian culture. Our restaurant seamlessly blends contemporary design with subtle Asian touches, creating a refined and inviting atmosphere perfect for a memorable dining experience. Our menu at KAIZEN is a journey through the diverse flavours of Asia. We take pride in using authentic ingredients and crafting dishes that pay homage to Japan, China, Thailand, and more culinary traditions. From sushi and sashimi to exquisite stir-fries and carefully curated Asian fusion creations, our chefs are dedicated to providing an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Sushi Crazy

$$ Av. Tomás Roca Bosch, Local 5, 35130, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria
Japanese Premium Casual
Welcome to Sushi Crazy, your ultimate destination for exquisite Japanese cuisine in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain. At Sushi Crazy, we deliver a sensational dining experience that fuses traditional Japanese flavours with a modern twist. Step into our sleek and contemporary restaurant, where the ambience exudes sophistication and the aroma of freshly prepared sushi tantalizes your senses. Indulge in an array of mouthwatering sushi rolls, expertly crafted by our skilled chefs using only the freshest ingredients. From classic favourites like California rolls to innovative creations bursting with flavour, each bite celebrates culinary artistry. Not just sushi enthusiasts? Fear not! Our menu boasts an extensive selection of Japanese-inspired dishes, including delectable tempura, savoury teriyaki, and flavorful noodle dishes, ensuring everything satisfies every palate. Enhance your dining experience with our handpicked selection of sake, Japanese beers, and fine wines, expertly chosen to complement the rich flavours of our cuisine. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner for two, a casual meal with friends, or a special celebration, Sushi Crazy promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey that will leave you craving more. Join us and discover why we're the go-to spot for sushi lovers in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria.

Kaori Fusion Restaurant By Victor Planas

$$$$ Calle Roque Del Este, 1, 35510, Lanzarote
Japanese Asian Fine dining
Kaori Fusion Restaurant by Victor Planas offers a culinary experience that covers the main flavours of Asian cuisine with a deep Japanese base. The different menus combine Japanese culinary tradition with daring and innovative touches where we can find, for example, Akami with kha kai sauce, codium, chili oil and tamari or wagyu gyozas with foie foam. Starting from this traditional Japanese base, Planas incorporates "twists" from the rest of the Asian continent, incorporating brave and pronounced flavors into Kaori that surprise from the first bite. It delights our palate with all those so admired stimuli of Asian cuisine, mixing the acid touches with spicy, smoked, etc., in a kitchen full of freedom and fresh air.

Serenity Restaurant Chill Out And Jacuzzi Bar

$$$$ Av. De Las Playas, 41, 35510, Puerto del Carmen
Spanish Japanese International Elegant & Chic
Serenity Restaurant Chill Out And Jacuzzi Bar is located in the heart of the maritime avenue of Puerto del Carmen, the most touristic area of ​​Lanzarote. A few meters from the best beaches on the island. The decoration of our premises is designed to create a perfect environment so that our clients can immerse themselves in a select space with an innovative and different concept. In our restaurant, you will find a selection of the best Canarian dishes combined with fascinating Japanese dishes. We have selected outstanding wines that pair perfectly with our gastronomic offer. We offer whites, reds, rosés, and sparkling wines with the best designations of origin, both Spanish and from the rest of the world. We highlight the white wines of Lanzarote, a discovery that will surprise us. We complement the wine cellar with drinks from the bar and our cocktails from both the restaurant and the Chill Out.



$$$$ Barceló Lanzarote Active Resort, Av. Del Mar, 5, 35508, Teguise
Japanese Asian Elegant & Chic
Explore a world of flavours at Koi Restaurant at Barceló Lanzarote Active Resort. Immerse yourself in an exciting Asian fusion concept, where each dish is a unique masterpiece. Experience culinary authenticity with a delicious menu and the possibility of customising your dishes. Enjoy a whole sensory experience with a sushi island and live cooking. This space captivates the senses with its exciting new Asian fusion concept. The delicious menu offers a variety of unique dishes and exquisite flavours. Diners can customise their dishes to their preferences while enjoying the experience of a sushi island and the excitement of live cooking. The setting transports guests to Asia, with modern décor and furniture that evokes the region's charm. Koi Restaurant provides the opportunity to delight in a wide range of options, including hot and cold dishes, fresh sashimi, exquisite tartars, salads and vibrant poke bowls. Grill lovers will enjoy the Korean grill, while sushi fans can savour expertly crafted pieces. The experience culminates with tempting desserts that delight the palate. Additionally, guests can enjoy the charming La Plaza terrace, creating a perfect atmosphere to share an unforgettable meal in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Sushimi San Antonio

$$ Carrer De Sant Antoni, 5, 07820, Sant Antoni de Portmany
Japanese Asian Premium Casual
Located in the vibrant town of Sant Antoni de Portmany, Sushimi San Antonio invites you on a culinary journey to Japan, where the art of sushi meets the beauty of Ibiza's coastline. Our restaurant is a haven for sushi enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese cuisine, offering a modern and stylish dining experience infused with the spirit of the island. As you enter Sushimi San Antonio, you'll be greeted by the sleek and contemporary ambiance of our restaurant, with its minimalist decor and cozy seating arrangements. Our intimate dining space sets the stage for a memorable meal, whether you're enjoying a romantic evening for two or gathering with friends to celebrate. At Sushimi San Antonio, we take pride in crafting authentic Japanese dishes using the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques. Our menu features a tantalizing selection of sushi and sashimi, expertly prepared by our skilled chefs to ensure a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Mixtura - Restaurante Huarte Pamplona

$$ C. Calvario, 2, 31620, Huarte
Japanese Peruvian Premium Casual
Welcome to Mixtura! A new gastronomic project of Nikkei inspiration, the result of a rich mix of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, where the flavors and techniques of both cultures merge. Mixtura is the first Nikkei kitchen space to be born in Navarra, a different and cozy concept that has tried to take care of all the details. Natural oak wood, plants as a symbol of Asia, the color of the upholstery and the decoration of the tables with bamboo and the typical red and yellow chili peppers, are some of the elements that make Mixtura a very special place.

Daiko Sushi Bar

$$$ Plaza Del Dr. Olivera, 8, 38202, La Laguna
Japanese Asian Peruvian Ethnic Premium Casual
"Daiko Sushi Bar in La Laguna, Tenerife, is a vibrant and authentic sushi restaurant that offers a true taste of Japanese culinary artistry. Located in the historic and charming city of La Laguna, Daiko Sushi Bar has become a favourite destination for sushi lovers and those seeking an authentic Japanese dining experience in the Canary Islands. The ambience of Daiko Sushi Bar is a delightful blend of traditional Japanese elegance and contemporary style. The interior is designed with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring clean lines, natural wood accents, and subtle lighting, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. The sushi bar area is a focal point of the restaurant, where guests can watch the skilled chefs at work, crafting each piece of sushi with precision and care. At the core of Daiko Sushi Bar's menu is an exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi prepared using the freshest, high-quality ingredients. The restaurant takes pride in its authentic approach to sushi-making, offering a range of traditional nigiri, maki, and sashimi and inventive rolls that showcase a fusion of flavours. In addition to sushi, the menu includes a variety of other Japanese dishes, such as tempura, teriyaki, and ramen, providing a comprehensive taste of Japan's diverse culinary offerings.

Restaurante SOBO

$$$ Avenida Bruselas S/n Centro Comercial El Mirador, Local 5, 38670, Costa Adeje
Japanese Asian Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
"Restaurant SOBO in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is a chic and contemporary dining establishment known for its innovative approach to international cuisine. Nestled in the vibrant and upscale area of Costa Adeje, SOBO has become a culinary beacon, attracting guests with its fusion of global flavours, stylish ambience, and impeccable service. The décor of Restaurante SOBO is a perfect blend of modern elegance and relaxed sophistication. The interior design features clean, sleek lines, a sophisticated colour palette, and tasteful artistic elements that create an atmosphere of refined contemporary charm. Large windows allow natural light to fill the space, enhancing the welcoming and airy feel of the restaurant. The outdoor seating area offers a delightful al fresco dining experience, perfect for enjoying the balmy Tenerife evenings. At the heart of SOBO's culinary expertise is a menu celebrating the fusion of international flavoured techniques. The kitchen team at SOBO takes pride in creating dishes that are not only visually stunning but also packed with diverse and harmonious tastes. The menu offers an eclectic mix of dishes, ranging from fresh seafood and succulent meats to inventive vegetarian options, each prepared with the freshest ingredients and a creative touch.

Kensei | Sushi & Japanese Cuisine

$$$$ Hotel Bahía Duque, Pl. Playas Del Duque, 38679, Costa Adeje
Japanese Asian Fine dining Ethnic Elegant & Chic
"Kensei | Sushi & Japanese Cuisine in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is an elegant and authentic Japanese restaurant that offers a sublime dining experience, showcasing the artistry and flavours of traditional Japanese cuisine. Located in the luxurious and vibrant Costa Adeje area, Kensei has become a distinguished destination for sushi lovers and those seeking an authentic Japanese culinary experience. The ambience of Kensei is a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary design. The interior exudes tranquillity and elegance, featuring minimalist decor, natural wood accents, and soft, ambient lighting. The serene atmosphere is ideal for savouring the delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine and provides a peaceful retreat from the bustling surroundings of Tenerife. At the core of Kensei's menu is an exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi, expertly prepared with the freshest, high-quality ingredients. The sushi chefs at Kensei are masters in the art of sushi-making, creating each piece with precision and care. The menu also features a variety of other traditional Japanese dishes, including tempura, teriyaki, and udon, offering a comprehensive exploration of Japan's rich culinary heritage.

Miishi Restaurante

$$$ V. De Colón, 1, 38660, Costa Adeje
Japanese Asian Ethnic Premium Casual
"Miishi Restaurant in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is a sophisticated and contemporary dining venue renowned for its fusion of Asian and international cuisines. Situated in the vibrant and upscale area of Costa Adeje, Miishi Restaurant has become a culinary landmark, attracting a discerning clientele with its innovative dishes, elegant ambience, and exceptional service. The décor of Miishi Restaurant is a blend of modern sophistication and Asian-inspired elegance. The interior design features sleek lines, luxurious furnishings, and a chic colour palette, creating a stylish and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant's ambience is enhanced by subtle lighting and artistic details, providing a perfect setting for a refined dining experience. At the heart of Miishi Restaurante's culinary philosophy is a commitment to fusion cuisine, artfully blending Asian flavours and techniques with international influences. The menu is a testament to culinary creativity, featuring various beautifully presented dishes that tantalize the senses. Each dish is a masterpiece of flavour and presentation, from expertly prepared sushi and sashimi to innovative main courses and exquisite desserts.

Tsuki Sushi Bar

$$$ C. La Paloma, 11, 38650, Arona
Japanese Elegant & Chic
Suki Sushi Bar was born from the idea of ​​2 young entrepreneurs dedicated to cooking since 2001, with extensive experience in the sushi market both in America and Europe. They are passionate about what they do, so they have practised innovative techniques to create exquisite Japanese American food, obtaining dishes for all types of palates. Suki Sushi Bar is located in Arona.

Restaurant 88 | Gourmet Chinese, Sushi & Dim Sum

$$ Edificio, Av. De Las Gaviotas, S/N, 38679, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Chinese Japanese Asian Premium Casual
Restaurant 88 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a stunning boutique restaurant and luxurious dining experience where gourmet Oriental cuisine meets the beauty and charm of La Caleta. A quaint fishing village well known for quality dining and magnetic sea views. Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience and beautiful Oriental décor combined with captivating sea views. The authentic boutique restaurant offers a welcome change to more extensive, fast-paced environments. Savour the taste of Southeast Asia with your favourite aromatic spices and sauces. From the authentic Singapore vermicelli to the traditional Laksa Udon, choose from a select group of popular dishes and enjoy the very best Oriental cuisine that Tenerife has to offer.

Jaxana Restaurant

$$ P.º Milicias De Garachico, 5, Local Bajo, 38002, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Japanese Premium Casual
Jaxana is a charming restaurant in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, offering a delightful culinary experience that captures the essence of the Canary Islands. With its warm and inviting ambience, Jaxana invites you to savour the flavours of Tenerife's rich gastronomic heritage. The restaurant's interior boasts a tastefully decorated space, blending traditional and modern elements to create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're dining with friends, family, or someone special, Jaxana provides the perfect setting for a memorable meal. The menu at Jaxana is a testament to the island's culinary diversity, featuring a range of dishes that showcase fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The attentive and knowledgeable staff at Jaxana always recommend the perfect wine pairing for your meal. Jaxana promises an unforgettable dining experience where the flavours of Tenerife come to life on your plate. Jaxana is the ideal destination for an authentic and satisfying Santa Cruz de Tenerife meal.



$$$ Arriquíbar Plaza, 2, 48008, Bilbao
Japanese Asian Premium Casual
Ura Japones is your place to get out of the routine and embark on a journey through Japanese gastronomy. Delicious sushi, attention to detail and a unique family atmosphere in Bilbao. Recharge your batteries and reconnect with the world in a renewed way. The original and fun recipe is essential, but the quality of the ingredients is supreme and a must. The dishes are prepared with care and detail and with the best of the gastronomy market, and this is undoubtedly evident in that unmistakable flavour. The menu is dynamic and delicious, different every day to enjoy Japanese cuisine at your favourite restaurant. The original recipe is essential, and the supreme quality of the ingredients is a must.


$$$ Lersundi Kalea, 3, 48009, Bilbao
Japanese Premium Casual
Wasabi is an authentic Japanese restaurant with a touch of some Eastern and Western fusions. Highlighting its utmost care in the raw material, always using first-choice ingredients. Wasabi was born from the care and passion that its chef Mauricio Cornejo has towards this peculiar gastronomy. The restaurant's philosophy is to entertain diners from start to finish, paying the utmost attention to every detail of their experience. A restaurant in full Japanese style, with ornaments and paintings typical of the land of Rising Sun, offers ultra-traditional cuisine, with the best sushi dishes, accompanied by a spectacular show by the chefs during the preparation of the dishes, making Wasabi a unique restaurant.

UDON Larios

$$ Avenida De Aurora 25 Centro Comercial, 29002, Malaga
Japanese Asian Casual Dining Family Style
The story of UDON began more than 15 years ago. Travel, a lot of curiosity and a palate open to new flavours led the two founders of UDON to fall in love with Asian culture and gastronomy. The crush was instantaneous, and the spell permanent. Their passion for the flavours, aromas and colours of Asian cuisine led them to open their first UDON in 2004 in the Born district of Barcelona. They have imported the concept of "noodle bar", still unknown in Spain, but with a tradition of more than 400 years in Asia. We seek excellence in the product we offer. The best ingredients, from Asia and here, provide the best flavour and respect for the planet. It's suitable for people, and it's good for the environment.
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