Best Restaurants in Malaga

UDON Larios

$$ Avenida De Aurora 25 Centro Comercial, 29002, Malaga
Japanese Asian Casual Dining Family Style
The story of UDON began more than 15 years ago. Travel, a lot of curiosity and a palate open to new flavours led the two founders of UDON to fall in love with Asian culture and gastronomy. The crush was instantaneous, and the spell permanent. Their passion for the flavours, aromas and colours of Asian cuisine led them to open their first UDON in 2004 in the Born district of Barcelona. They have imported the concept of "noodle bar", still unknown in Spain, but with a tradition of more than 400 years in Asia. We seek excellence in the product we offer. The best ingredients, from Asia and here, provide the best flavour and respect for the planet. It's suitable for people, and it's good for the environment.

Beluga - Mediterranean Restaurant

$$$ Pl. De Las Flores, 3, 29005, Malaga
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
A tour of the Mediterranean coast, from Tabarca to Malaga. A sea-inspired cuisine comprises seafood and fish in the Alboran Sea and other Mediterranean ports. Beluga's cuisine is Diego René's, both Levantine and Andalusian; like its source, it’s crystal clear, transparent, coherent and recognizable. The bright daytime sun and cool evening shade are full of freshness and beauty. Beluga is midday Cuisine. This secluded square populated with orange trees is a well-known and popular spot for the people of Malaga. Strategically located just west of the busy Calle Larios (the main artery through the city), within Malaga’s inner streets, which keep it a safe distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.


$$$ C. Merced, 4, 29012, Malaga
International European Fine dining Premium Casual
The idea behind Dynamit was that you wanted to create a restaurant with Spanish products but transform it into something else. You can't find a second stay with unpretentious food in Malaga. A place where you can relax, have a nice dinner with a good wine, chat with the staff and most importantly, a place we would like to go. A place where you can breathe food, tradition, innovation, work, effort and satisfaction. Modern cuisine, however, does not turn its back on its tradition anchored in the past. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, which stands out for its great staff, chefs, and unique dishes.

El Vegetariano De La Alcazabilla

$$ C. Pozo Del Rey, 5, 29015, Malaga
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Beyond personal beliefs or health problems, vegetarian cooking can become an excellent source of new sensations for any palate accustomed to the delights of good food. The specialties have Swiss-German, Italian, Spanish and Argentinian influences, completed with the contribution of the cook, who grew up in Melilla and is a good connoisseur of Moroccan condiments. It is undoubtedly the right place to convince a person who has never been a vegetarian. The restaurant is ovo lacto vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free dishes. The restaurant is characterized by its products' homely, artisanal and natural character.

Niña Bonita Cantina

$$ C. Martínez Campos, 6, 29001, Malaga
American Mexican Casual Dining Family Style
In the heart of Malaga stands this beautiful Mexican cuisine restaurant. Nina Bonita offers the specialities that distinguish Mexican cuisine, bringing to Malaga that touch of unpredictability that only Mexican cuisine can bring. Typical dishes, the typical atmosphere of the area, super friendly and welcoming staff, simple cuisine that satisfies all diners, amiable atmosphere, perfect for the family or even for a dinner between couples or colleagues after work, perfect for any occasion.

No Name Restaurante

$$$ Pl. Arriola, 1, 29005, Malaga
Spanish International Mediterranean Casual Dining
The values and philosophy of No Name have 3 keywords: passion, taste and sustainability. Customers come to enjoy the food and the atmosphere created by the decoration, good music and service. Quality food with 95% organic ingredients. There is a huge range of options to suit all tastes. More than 50% of the menu is vegan or vegetarian, with dishes that will surprise you with their taste and originality. It was chosen to promote values among all residents and visitors of Malaga who pass through No Name. In No Name's kitchen, environmentally friendly ingredients are chosen that also provide better nutrients.

Restaurante Palodú

$$$$ Carril Del Capitán, 3, 29010, Malaga
Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
In Palodú, there are no labels. Definitions pigeonhole, ballast creativity. Cooking is a sensory experience and also an intellectual one. And few things seduce a keen intellect and avid senses more than wonder, that sensation of entering uncharted terrain. Surprise without unnecessary noise, without stridency; surprise from the very essence of culinary art. A game of opposites, a cascade of harmonies, millimetre contrasts, or unexpected dance partners. The limit is the imagination of Cristina and Diego. And the imagination has no limits.

Cantina India

$$$ C. Andrómeda, 14, 29010, Malaga
Indian Mexican Premium Casual
Surrounded by light as if it were outdoors, La Cantina India is one of the brightest and most welcoming venues in the entire centre of Malaga. In the heart of the Andalusian city, the Cantina India, precisely by the evocation of its name, brings back to the town the unmistakable aromas and unique flavours of the culinary tradition of Indian and Mexican culture, with this influence that will characterize the dishes. Two different cultures meet, make a solemn pact, and give the diners a truly surprising culinary experience, almost unique to define, where, however, the two kitchens and the chefs will be the queens, who, with outstanding professionalism, will serve delicacies on the table type.

Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar

$$ Calle De Granada 36, 29015, Malaga
Japanese Casual Dining
Sibuya Sushi Bar is that "quiet place" where you can unwind. Delicious sushi, attention to detail and quality, and a uniquely relaxing atmosphere will make your visit to our restaurant recharge your batteries and make it much easier to reconnect with the world out there. In Sibuya, in addition to providing innovative and appetizing sushi, one of the fundamental requirements is that the ingredients are always of the highest quality. This makes the experience and flavour of the dishes incomparable. Sibuya is a new concept of sushi, much bolder and more original. There's a menu with different twists on traditional Japanese, with innovative sushi recipes that go one step further than what you already know to bring you something that will open up the Japanese borders and bring you closer as no one has ever done.

Trattoria Mamma Franca

$$ Av. Imperio Argentina, 7, 29004, Malaga
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
By definition, "Trattoria" is a small authentic Italian restaurant serving typical home-cooked Calabrian dishes accompanied by a wide selection of Spanish and Italian wines. Each dish has a tasty and creative Italian interpretation and blends Mediterranean flavours and textures in a clear homely style. The fresh pasta made by the employees is their passion, and the sauces their greatest pride: new flavours are offered weekly to surprise customers (4 recommended first courses). The gastronomic proposal is completed with Italian appetizers, piadina, piadipizza, selected meats, various salads and desserts. An extensive list of Italian and Spanish wines for all palates could not be missing.

Amigos Malaga Centro

$$ C. Bolsa, 6, 29015, Malaga
Indian Mexican Casual Dining Family Style
The best Indian cuisine, produced with fresh ingredients and with secret recipes, in a unique and pleasant environment to make your evening an unforgettable experience. The meeting of two cultures that come together gives diners an experience different from the usual. The Indian and Mexican cultures, meeting each other, give life to fusion cuisine, much appreciated in the city, with unmistakable smells, unique flavours and that aftertaste of spices that the two cultures have shared for many years.

Ababor Marisqueria

$$$$ P.º Cerrado De Calderón, 3, 29018, Malaga
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
Marisquería Ababor is the ideal place to enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine, fish, shellfish, etc. Enjoy the best fish restaurant in Cerrado de Calderón, just 2 minutes from Baños del Carmen. The restaurant is a guarantee of quality, also thanks to excellent service. In summary, it is a cuisine full of flavours and sensations, from which dishes such as fish, fresh seafood, etc., stand out. If you feel like it, the restaurant also has an incredible terrace where you can drink in the sun and enjoy a wonderful day with your family or friends.


$$ Muelle Uno - Puerto De Malaga. Local 60, 29001, Malaga
Greek European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Greek cuisine is characterized in all its recipes by Mediterranean and Turkish influences. The Saloniki restaurant offers the tastiest dishes of Greek cuisine, with those flavors and smells reminiscent of the islands. The sound of the sea breaking on the rocks, from which customers derive some of the most requested delicacies. Immerse yourself in Greek gastronomy. The restaurant is located in one of the most privileged places in the city, Pier One. Enjoy the view while eating the typical dishes of the Greek tradition, in front of the sea, like being on one of the splendid Greek islands, on the shore, enjoying a pretty good little lunch.

ANGUS Muelle Uno

$$ Muelle Uno, Local 55, P.º De La Farola, 29001, Malaga
International Casual Dining Family Style
Are you Looking for great steaks in Malaga? Look no further! You will find only the best certified ANGUS meat from Angus Ristorante. The selection process is fundamental and is carried out daily by the Executive Chef. This is to ensure that the quality of the meat is second to none. Before being served, they are carefully hand-cut to obtain the freshest and tastiest meat. They are grilled over a high flame to sear the authentic barbecue flavour. Just before they're removed from the heat, they're brushed with butter and a sprinkle of salt to give them that extra richness that separates Angus steaks from the rest.

Asador Argentino | La Cabrera Málaga

$$ C. Bolsa, 9, 29015, Malaga
Argentinean Casual Dining
The best cuts of the Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds are selected at La Cabrera. When you appreciate a rich amount of meat, the ideal is to eat it juicy, and for this reason, a golden rule must be respected: the diners must wait for the heart and not the other way around. In the exquisite Argentine cuisine, classic and innovative dishes are found. A cult grill, but very Buenos Aires. La Cabrera's gastronomic proposal combines colours and flavours with a distinct atmosphere to enjoy good times. Gastón Riveira is the creator and alma mater of La Cabrera, one of the most successful grills in Buenos Aires. The chef shows you the secrets of preparing the richest dishes. He looks and is surprised.

Imperio Grill Churrasquería

$$ Avenida De Manuel Agustín Heredia, 4, 29001, Malaga
Brazilian Casual Dining
Located in the Soho area, a few meters from Pier One, the Imperio Grill Restaurant offers Malaga's best free grilled meat buffet. Its service is called Rodizio: a selection of excellent and juicy slow-cooked chicken, pork, lamb and veal. An elegant atmosphere and pleasant service make your life an unforgettable experience! The meats are served directly at the table by master churrasqueros not to lose juiciness and temperature, a unique Brazilian Rodizio.

It's Vietnam Beach

$$ C. Los Perros, 16, Torremolinos, 29620, Malaga
Asian Middle Eastern Casual Dining Family Style
Vietnamese cuisine is all about finding the perfect balance between flavours and aromas. Not too sweet, not too spicy, not too bitter. A combination of altogether but in perfect harmony, where each one is completely identifiable on the palate. This is what makes Vietnamese cuisine enjoyable and refined. It's also made from fresh ingredients, making it a healthy, light, and explosive style of food! At It's Vietnam Beach, you will find the best Vietnamese culinary culture has to offer, letting yourself be carried away by the unmistakable flavours of that land and the unique flavours of the dishes.

El Farolito

$$ C. Beatas, 14, 29008, Malaga
Argentinean Casual Dining Family Style
Straight from the other end of the world to Malaga. The delicious Argentinian meat permeates the city streets with its smells and unique flavour. In the heart of the Andalusian town stands El Farolito, which leaves everyone speechless. Top-quality meat, directly imported from the best Argentinian farms, guarantees excellent product quality and raw materials. The restaurant is casual, suitable for any form of meeting, family or work, and perfect for enjoying the beauties of food together around a set table.

La Trattoria Di Cervantes

$$ C. Álamos, 11, 29012, Malaga
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The Tapeo Cervantes is already very well-known to lovers of “great food” for its traditional and new, creative tapas and carefully selected range of wines and beers. Its ardent devotees can try to judge its founder’s ambitious new undertaking. Gabriel Spatz, the founder of the original, a professional restaurateur from Argentine, came to Malaga in 2008, loved it and decided to stay and open El Tapeo de Cervantes at Calle Carcer 11 in the old quarter. The choice of dishes prepared by Jesús, the creative chef, is vast and exciting, a happy combination of culinary art from different sources. For instance, the sweetbreads, a classic Spanish dish, are served with the far-famed chimichurri sauce from Argentine. All the ingredients are fresh, and the tapas menu changes according to the season.

Radici Osteria Italiana

$$ C. Ramón Franquelo, 2, 29008, Malaga
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In the splendid and sunny Malaga, in the heart of the city Radici, an ancient Italian tavern rises, an institution in the Spanish town. Italian cuisine has always been the teacher of all the others, and exports its knowledge, smells and flavours even beyond the Italian borders, bringing its masterpieces elsewhere. The tradition is firmly rooted in Malaga, where the verb expands through Roots. A purely Italian menu, made up of pasta, pizza, appetizers, and first and second courses from land and sea, evoking Italy.
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