Best Asian Restaurants in Spain


$$ Rambla Méndez Núñez, 27, 03002, Alicante
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
Akasaka is a restaurant located in Alicante serving authentic flavourful Japanese food, good service, and extensive sushi menu.

99 Sushi Bar Eurobuilding

$$$$ C. Del Padre Damián, 23, 28036, Madrid
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
Japanese haute cuisine, hot and cold, made from the best raw materials by chef Roberto Limas. More than 300 references of wines, champagnes, and sakes were selected by Mónica Fernández, director of the group and sommelier. Enjoy the 99 Sushi Bar experience in Madrid.

Kabuki Wellington

$$$$ C. De Velázquez, 6, 28001, Madrid
Japanese Asian Casual Dining Premium Casual
Ricardo Sanz‘s cuisine is a meeting point between Japanese and Mediterranean cultures, defined by the quality of the raw material and for the simplicity and elegance of its elaborations, and it has had a determining influence on the entire subsequent gastronomic scene. True to this philosophy of connecting Japanese and Mediterranean traditions, our wine list includes a wide representation of the main producing countries and champagnes, white wines and sakes take on special relevance, which pair perfectly with Ricardo‘s cuisine.

Restaurante Sherpa Asiático

$$ C/ De Sant Roc, 13, 03501, Benidorm
Indian Asian Thai Fast Casual
Sherpa Asian Restaurant is one of best asian restaurant with a highly experienced cook and best hospitality to serve you a quality food. We are located in Calle San Roque 13, Benidrom, Spain, great place to hang out with friends and families. Furthermore, it is highly tourist attraction point and very near to beach. We have varieties of Asian food We also organise best parties for any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, wedding, festival and friends gathering on reasonable price. Please book in advance to secure your place on your important day.

Suan Thai

$$ C. Miguel Soler, 6, 03002, Alicante
Asian Thai Ethnic
Suan Thai offers an authentic Thailand's cuisine in Alicante, Spain.

Ginkgo Restaurante & Sky Bar

$$$$ Pl. De España, 3, 28008, Madrid
Spanish Asian Premium Casual
Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar offers incredible Asian, Spanish and international cuisine. From the highest point of Madrid, you will find the trendiest place with the best views of the city, in the center of everything! Shall we eat from the sky? Now Ginkgo is even bigger, discover our gastronomic concept: Tapas Bar area, indoor glazed restaurant and heated terrace with views.


$$ C. Del Molino De Viento, 4, 28004, Madrid
Japanese Mexican International Asian Fast Casual Family Style
Sakàle is a fusion restaurant which delves into different culinary cultures, mixing them and creating an innovative and, at the same time, captivating meeting of tastes. Let's talk about the Mexicans and the Japanese, two opposed cultures that meet. Two conflicting worlds, however, find harmony in Sakàle, which re-proposes the typical traditional dishes with a mix to leave you speechless and on a full stomach. Tortillas, tapas, nachos, sushi, fish dishes and sashimi make this place unique, creating a convivial, youthful and relaxing atmosphere.

Curry Masala

$$ Calle De Silva, 16, 28004, Madrid
Indian Asian Casual Dining
Located on Calle Silva in Madrid, close to Gran Vía and Plaza de Callao, is Curry Masala, the favourite destination for those who know and appreciate authentic Indian cuisine. It is a discreet and pleasant place where you can enjoy good gastronomic experiences; it is simple and comfortable. At noon Curry Masala offers a magnificent Executive Menu to enjoy a varied, delicious and balanced meal, resulting in a very reasonable option for solving business lunches. Another highly recommended option is the spectacular tasting menu available for lunch and dinner throughout the week, a delightful way to sample all the richness and complexity of Indian cuisine.

Restaurante De Sichuan

$$ C. Del Caballero De Gracia, 8, 28013, Madrid
Chinese Asian Casual Dining
The Sichuan restaurant was the first one opened by the Sichuan in Madrid. With Sichuan seasonings, the cooks can provide you with authentic Sichuan dishes. Sichuan restaurant in Madrid is a window from Sichuan, China, to the world. The main goal is for customers fromworldwideexperience authentic Sichuan food with everlasting joy and memories. The restaurant and all the staff will accompany you towards this new experience. They will help you better understand China's living fossils, oriental cuisines, and magnificent Chinese culture. Therefore, an experience here is considered unforgettable.

Tunateca Balfegó

$$$$ Avinguda Diagonal, 439, 08036, Barcelona
Japanese Mediterranean Asian Fine dining
Tunateca Balfegó is the first gastronomic space in the world dedicated to bluefin tuna, both in the menu and interior design. This restaurant, where Japanese and Western cuisines coexist, transcends gastronomy, establishing itself as a centre for experimentation and learning with events. One of them is Kaitai, an ancient Japanese art that precisely cuts a specimen weighing over 100 kg. In addition, its interior design, awarded with several awards, will allow you to enjoy a 360º multi-sensory experience. Two opposed cultures meet, the western one with the eastern one, giving the dishes of the Tunateca a unique, unexpected and overwhelming flavour.

CDLC Barcelona

$$$$ Pg. Marítim De La Barceloneta, 32, 08003, Barcelona
Japanese European Mediterranean Asian Ethnic
Enjoy an unforgettable evening at Carpe Diem, the official ambassador of Dom Pérignon and awarded as one of the best clubs in the world. An enchanting, luxurious, refined place that includes a mix of oriental cultures that leaves you breathless. Food is a pure artistic expression to be enjoyed in the exclusive club and lounge or a comfortable armchair on the banks of the Barceloneta. A mystical place of worship where Indi and Asian cultures are the masters.

YUBI Barcelona

$$$ C/ De Muntaner, 185, 08036, Barcelona
Spanish American French Japanese Asian Peruvian Ethnic Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
In the blue part of the restaurant, there is a Japanese atmosphere. Decorations, furniture and pottery, have been selected by Yoaké San to intensify the gastronomic experience with his cuisine, an immersive journey in an environment reminiscent of the Japanese ryokan, so dear to the chef. An experience to excite you. The privè in the YU area is an intimate and reserved space where each piece of handcrafted furniture and the works of art that decorate it have been selected to make you feel at home. His personalized service in this reserved area is prepared to give you a unique and exclusive experience.

Carlota Akaneya

$$$$ C/ Del Pintor Fortuny, 32, 08001, Barcelona
Japanese Asian Ethnic Premium Casual
Carlota Akaneya is the first sumibiyaki in Europe and one of the five restaurants in Spain that serve wagyū certified as Kobe Beef. Carlota Akaneya is a sumibiyaki of famous Japanese cuisine made with premium products from Japan. The architecture is inspired by the typical Japanese izakaya, with its akachōchin or red lamp lighting its entrance. The sumibiyaki aesthetic of the most alternative Kyoto is transferred to Calle Pintor Fortuny 32 in Barcelona and inside, where nine self-made barbecue tables stand on the same terrazzo floor as the tavern that preceded it, called Ivanhoe. At Carlota Akaneya, tradition and austerity combine to create a genuine atmosphere bathed in jazz music, a favourite among Japan's great chefs.

Ikibana Paralelo

$$$$ Av. Del Paral·lel, 148, 08015, Barcelona
Japanese Asian Brazilian Casual Dining Ethnic
Brazilian Japanese cuisine with its personality in the heart of Barcelona. A meeting of experiences, flavours and styles of East and West. The IKIBANA concept is cosmopolitan, contemporary and unique. Light, harmonious and well-conceived dishes. Tokyo and Sao Paulo give rise to a new frame of reference in Barcelona's gastronomy and emerging cultural diversity. Committed to quality, care at the table and attention to every detail.

Sukaldean Aitor Santamaría

$$$$ San Martin Kalea, 45, 20007, San Sebastian
Spanish Japanese European Asian Fine dining
A minimal environment, almost in the centre of Wellness, in the heart of San Sebastian, offers a different dining experience than the solitary restaurant. At Sulkadean, you will find an atmosphere you will not find elsewhere, dishes that you will only see once in a lifetime and smells that will always remind you of this place. A fusion cuisine which blends two cultures at the antipodes, the Mediterranean one with the oriental one, mixing them and creating new lifeblood for the chef and his guests. A sensory and immersive experience among the colours of Donostia and the flavours of the Orient, a perfect combination for something unrepeatable.

Kimtxu Taberna Asiática

$$$$ Henao Kalea, 17, 48009, Bilbao
Asian Premium Casual
Borrowing the concepts and essence of Asian gastronomy and combining them with local market products to offer surprising dishes such as skazki dumplings or hake in Biscayan-Sichuan sauce. Every month an evening is dedicated to a themed dinner in which a product or an area of Asia is the protagonist. An oriental cuisine that mixes with the Basque one creates an unmistakable and truly unique mix of flavours, guaranteeing the Kimtxu restaurant a Michelin star and, above all, a lot of fame, thanks to its special, controlled and certified raw materials.

Restaurante India Town

$$ Uribitarte Pasealekua, 14, 48001, Bilbao
Indian Asian Casual Dining Family Style
After starting to work from New Delhi and then in various countries such as Germany, Denmark, and Bulgaria, fate led the chef to open his restaurant in Bilbao. Let the people of Bilbao and its surroundings remember India Town when talking about Indian food. They have built a solid reputation in India Town for their specialist knowledge of Indian restaurants. For some years, we have been considered experts in the field; In the restaurant, the team is increasingly efficient, prepared, knowledgeable of the raw material that is processed and able to converse with customers. The preparation of the chefs for the traditional dishes is carried out with professionalism and timeliness to give you the satisfaction you deserve.



$$$ Arriquíbar Plaza, 2, 48008, Bilbao
Japanese Asian Premium Casual
Ura Japones is your place to get out of the routine and embark on a journey through Japanese gastronomy. Delicious sushi, attention to detail and a unique family atmosphere in Bilbao. Recharge your batteries and reconnect with the world in a renewed way. The original and fun recipe is essential, but the quality of the ingredients is supreme and a must. The dishes are prepared with care and detail and with the best of the gastronomy market, and this is undoubtedly evident in that unmistakable flavour. The menu is dynamic and delicious, different every day to enjoy Japanese cuisine at your favourite restaurant. The original recipe is essential, and the supreme quality of the ingredients is a must.

Tercer Acto

$$$ C. Córdoba, 13, 29001, Malaga
Spanish Mediterranean Asian Premium Casual Cocktail Bar
And what do you want to try? Whether it's the spark of a dinner with friends at a high table, the intimacy of a romantic date with incandescent marble or a business lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. The third act is more than a place. It is a moment. A state of mind where relaxation allows the senses to recreate, whether with fine Japanese cuisine or a reinterpreted local dish. The show can only end with applause if combined with a good cocktail.

UDON Larios

$$ Avenida De Aurora 25 Centro Comercial, 29002, Malaga
Japanese Asian Casual Dining Family Style
The story of UDON began more than 15 years ago. Travel, a lot of curiosity and a palate open to new flavours led the two founders of UDON to fall in love with Asian culture and gastronomy. The crush was instantaneous, and the spell permanent. Their passion for the flavours, aromas and colours of Asian cuisine led them to open their first UDON in 2004 in the Born district of Barcelona. They have imported the concept of "noodle bar", still unknown in Spain, but with a tradition of more than 400 years in Asia. We seek excellence in the product we offer. The best ingredients, from Asia and here, provide the best flavour and respect for the planet. It's suitable for people, and it's good for the environment.
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