Best Vegan Restaurants in Spain

Los Porrones - Spanish Restaurant

$$ C. Mayor, 12, 03002, Alicante
Spanish Casual Dining Family Style
Restaurante los porrones is a Spanish Restaurant located right in the heart of Alicante. The restaurant offers an authentic taste of sumptuous Spanish dishes using only the finest ingredients. It has an outdoor space and is also suitable for group dining. If you are looking forward to the best taste of Spanish food join us today!

La Rana - Spanish Restaurant

$$ Costera Del Barco, 7, 03501, Benidorm
Spanish Casual Dining Family Style
La Rana is a traditional cuisine restaurant in the heart of Benidorm's old town. His story is a jump to the beginnings of the most eclectic and hospitable Benidorm. Founded in the 1960s, the restaurant has managed to survive fashions and trends without neglecting its culinary origins.

Buffalo Beel - Ristogrill & Pizzeria - Steakhouse

$$$ Avenida Castelló, 7, 03503, Benidorm
Italian Spanish Casual Dining Pizzeria
Buffalo Beel is a RistoGrill & Pizzeria in the heart of Benidorm. The restaurant is located 280 meters from the beach.


$$ Pl. Del Campillo Bajo, 10, 18009, Granada
Spanish International European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Biloba is located in the centre of Granada, a modern and current space. It has two interior rooms that combine high and low tables. Inside the restaurant, or rather, outside, you will also find a perfectly conditioned terrace for the days of the sun and rain. Biloba's cuisine offers a mixture of all continents in one letter. It is casual and contemporary, with a clear objective to transmit flavour, simplicity and quality. A vast, rich menu, which erects the Spanish tradition at the centre of its culinary proposal, proposing the typical Spanish culinary dishes with a touch of Andalusia, giving that extra touch to its words.

Taberna Los Pensadores

$$$ C. Alhamar, 21, 18005, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Eat, drink, love and laugh because we can take back everything except the time that has passed. It is the philosophy from which - never better said - the gastronomic project of the Taberna Los Pensadores takes its cue. By creating a place that pays homage to time: the time we allow ourselves to think and practice happiness. The team comprises young professionals whose mission, passion and values are the search for pleasures to put on your plate. The work creates enthusiasm in the group, making this place exciting. Los Pensadores table, desk, vine and parranda. Because a full belly with an empty smile is useless.

Restaurante Los Patos

$$$$ C. Solarillo De Gracia, 1, 18002, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
At the Los Patos restaurant, a gastronomic offer has been created in which natural and healthy products predominate. The chefs combine cutting-edge cooking techniques with ingredients selected for their seasonality and freshness to enjoy all the flavours of Granada's cuisine in the city's heart without leaving the hotel. There is no better way to discover the culinary tradition of Granada than through its tapas, such as the Moorish pastel, influenced by Mozarabic cuisine, the bluefin tuna fillet with lime and wasabi cream or the scallop salad with citrus and saffron. You can also savour its typical gastronomy with its juicy meats, among which the rack of suckling lamb with couscous salad, cucumber and mint-flavoured yoghurt is recommended.


$$ C. Gral. Narváez, Nº8, 18002, Granada
Japanese Asian Fine dining
Ki is an ancient concept that consists of the union of energy, spirit and mind in a single substance. It is the strength of the universe that is everywhere and constantly evolving, in evolution and adaptation. Āto, on the other hand, means art in Japanese. The perception of the kitchen goes hand in hand with this meaning. All experience has a beginning. There is no doubt that these participants will transport you to themselves. Here the fusion cuisine acts as a queen, so you will find infinite rolls that are authentic flavour explosions. If there is a characteristic piece of Japanese cuisine which is Nigiri. In Kiāto, the traditional elements with the best product are processed, and authentic gastronomic adventures for the palate.

Restaurante Aisushi

$$$ Arabial, 54, 18004, Granada
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
From Aisushi, customers can taste various dishes: sushi, tempura, meat, soups, salads and exquisite desserts. All this was prepared with raw material first, with an excellent presentation, and served in a welcoming environment with Japanese decoration. In the restaurant, a vastness of traditional Japanese Japanese cuisine is prepared based on top-quality raw materials. From sushi, sashimi, tataki and salads, a wide range of rice to the hot dishes that include Tempura, Yakiudone and Yakisoba and meats. The careful presentation, service excellence, and quality in the elaboration and raw materials will make their gastronomic experience unique.

Los Manueles Reyes Católicos

$$$ Reyes Católicos, 61, 18010, Granada
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining
In a privileged enclave, next to Plaza Nueva, which is the square that communicates Alhambra, Albayzín, Realejo, Gran Vía and the Historical Center, you will find Los Manueles. It is a space in which tourists and clubs meet not only for their central position but for the magical environment surrounding it. Feel Granada's life on the terrace on the upper floor, where you can enjoy excellent food and a breathtaking view of the whole city. In addition to being one of the recommended restaurants in Granada, without a doubt for history and its traditional Granada and Andaluza cuisine, it is renamed for the superfine quality of food and its centrality, which has always been an institution in Granada.

Restaurante Aljibe 1644

$$$$ Carrera Del Darro, 9, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Aljibe 1644 is a new restaurant in one of the most emblematic areas of Granada-Bajo Albaycín, in front of the Alhambra-Junto on the Darro river, in which it can taste recent gastronomic trends in a place full of history dating back to its S. XVII Ángel Rodriguez, chef of the restaurant, recovers ancient flavours that offer authentic cuisine with Granada products. The Iberian cuisine, in its most traditional state possible, was brought to the table thanks to the knowledge and studies of the chef. A truly unique place, in stone, almost medieval, characteristic and suggestive, for a romantic dinner, perfect location.

Restaurante Mirador De Morayma

$$$$ C. Pianista García Carrillo, 2, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
This restaurant is located in Morisco Carmen from Albayzín. With the best views of the Alhambra Nasrid buildings, it offers its native cuisine and natural wine of an ecological vineyard collected in its rural tourist farm of Morayma Alqueryma in the Alpujarra. Here at the Mirador de Morayma we offer traditional Granada cuisine. The letter is governed by seasonal products and the area, with a well-selected wine letter. Together with the good gastronomic offer, in addition to attentive service, the point of view is indicated for a romantic dinner, friends or celebrations, as well as conferences or work meetings as it offers peculiarity as a welcome cup in its gardens and dining rooms Private, where you can enjoy a long food without shifts or haste.

El Trillo Restaurante

$$$$ Cjón. Del Aljibe De Trillo, 3, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
A restaurant immersed in the dawn. The imposing Alhambra, glimpsed only for births from the garden, is shown with all its splendour when climbing the terrace. This space is open to the panoramas for those who cannot resist an evening from an always attentive aspect of the city red. Iberian cuisine, the one you like, the one proposed for the trill, awakens all the senses of each customer, who at that time feel special and unique. Mediterranean cuisine is always used, which with its variety and quality of its products, helps to obtain the range of emotions that want to take the dish. Numerous dishes on the menu, which can be meat, fish, and everything that the Mediterranean offers us!

Sapore A Italia

$$ C. Tejeiro, 15, 18005, Granada
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Welcome to Sapore Italia, where you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in an elegant and welcoming environment. The menu offers dishes of the great Italian tradition using the best raw materials, purely Italian ingredients and the most simple cooking techniques of the transalpine country. At Sapore Italia, you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Dishes rich in flavour with traditional recipes. Here you breathe the air of the Belpaese, where cooking is a must, a religion, a word to be spread, as in the strictest religions. Pizza, pasta, fried food, second courses, anything that reminds of Italy will be put on the table for diners, igniting that memory that comes to mind.


$$ Portu Kalea, 9, 20003, San Sebastian
Italian Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
A welcoming, familiar place, which places at the centre of its project one of the most coveted and desired foods from the earth's most remote corners: pizza. Here she is, the queen, as in Italy, at Raviolina, the Italian flavours and smells are brought to the table by a kind, cordial and cheerful staff who work with outstanding professionalism for their customers only to guarantee them the best. The pizza dough is made with Forza Caputo flour, which rests for up to 48 hours to obtain an excellent base for thin, soft and crunchy pizza with incredible flavour and texture. The ingredients used are only top quality, imported directly from Italy, elevating the pizzas to the category of culinary masterpiece.

Sukaldean Aitor Santamaría

$$$$ San Martin Kalea, 45, 20007, San Sebastian
Spanish Japanese European Asian Fine dining
A minimal environment, almost in the centre of Wellness, in the heart of San Sebastian, offers a different dining experience than the solitary restaurant. At Sulkadean, you will find an atmosphere you will not find elsewhere, dishes that you will only see once in a lifetime and smells that will always remind you of this place. A fusion cuisine which blends two cultures at the antipodes, the Mediterranean one with the oriental one, mixing them and creating new lifeblood for the chef and his guests. A sensory and immersive experience among the colours of Donostia and the flavours of the Orient, a perfect combination for something unrepeatable.


$$$ Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 8, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual Family Style
In full Spanish style, to be even more specific, Basque, we find, in the heart of the enchanting San Sebastian on the sea, the Mendaur Berria restaurant. In the heart of the Basque town, the restaurant offers traditional Spanish, Mediterranean and Basque cuisine, proposing the typical culinary dishes of Iberian history, handed down from generation to generation, and repurposed on the tables to move the clock back a few decades, since the story began. A familiar, welcoming, warm place, perfect for being with your family or your other half, where you can enjoy food and wine and spend an evening with friends.

Tedone Jatetxea

$$ Al Lado, Calle Corta, Mirakruz Kalea, 10, 20001, San Sebastian
Spanish International Casual Dining
Following the same line but in continuous evolution, Tedone offers a series of totally vegetarian dishes and other mixed dishes that will change according to the market and the season. The restaurant's growth means that 85 and 90% of all ingredients that make up this menu are organic, organic, non-GM and/or whole. With this, we try to contribute to the spread of organic food and enhance the great work that organic producers do. Just as we still think it's possible to be a better person in a better world, so is a better diet.


$ Ramón Y Cajal Kalea, 3, 20002, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Fast Casual
Enxalao is the first healthy salad restaurant in Donostia - San Sebastián. Specializing in freshly prepared +50-ingredient salads, speciality coffees, healthy breakfasts (homemade toast, açai, yoghurt, smoothies), and other vegetarian and/or vegan dishes seeking to offer diners a healthy, quick, and light meal in an environment warm and natural. All the ingredients used are fresh and honest, and the dishes are prepared on the same day for the customers. Inspiration is drawn from the earth's and the environment's elements to create healthy and organic dishes. We thus have unique coffees roasted in the province, fresh farm milk and local fruit and vegetables supplied by trusted distributors.

Palacio Andaluz Almona

$$ C. San Jerónimo, 5, 18001, Granada
Moroccan Casual Dining
The Palacio Andaluz Almone is located in the splendid Granada and presents itself as a casual, elegant place, simple, bright, and welcoming. At the Palacio, you can enjoy simple but delicious Moroccan cuisine. A cuisine rich in tradition, meats, spices and much more. Very far from the Iberian tradition, but united by the strength of the Mediterranean, where the fresh catch comes from, moreover daily. The staff presents the chef's proposals to the diners in conjunction with an extensive, varied menu, which offers the best that the Moroccan tradition can offer.

Radici Osteria Italiana

$$ C. Ramón Franquelo, 2, 29008, Malaga
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In the splendid and sunny Malaga, in the heart of the city Radici, an ancient Italian tavern rises, an institution in the Spanish town. Italian cuisine has always been the teacher of all the others, and exports its knowledge, smells and flavours even beyond the Italian borders, bringing its masterpieces elsewhere. The tradition is firmly rooted in Malaga, where the verb expands through Roots. A purely Italian menu, made up of pasta, pizza, appetizers, and first and second courses from land and sea, evoking Italy.
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