Best Restaurants in Pamplona

Asador Katuzarra

$$ C. San Nicolás, 34, 36, 31001, Pamplona
Spanish Casual Dining
Asador Katuzarra proposes an exquisite gastronomic offer in the centre of Pamplona. Located right on San Nicolás Street, the restaurant has different spaces to enjoy great moments. Katuzarra hides corners that are worth discovering and offers different spaces where you can enjoy your experience. The steakhouse has two rooms. There, you can share the exquisiteness of our grilled cuisine with your loved ones in a unique enclave: the centre of the city of Pamplona.

More Than Burgers

$$ Avenida De Pío XII, 30 Bis Trasera (por, C. De Acella), 31008, Pamplona
American Fast Casual
Restaurant & Afterwork is a vibrant culinary destination alongside Yamaguchi Park, offering an enticing array of international cuisine. Our menu boasts thematic hamburgers, Tex-Mex specialities, refreshing salads, and a diverse selection of beers to complement every dish. Immerse yourself in the inviting ambience as you indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates flavours from around the globe.


$$$$ C. De Tudela, 14, 31003, Pamplona
European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Enekorri is a crossroads where the Cantabrian and Mediterranean slopes meet, between pigeon hunting posts, remains of bunkers and shared pastures. Enekorri is a trip with the aroma of muga and the flavor of beech trees that rustle green, soaring, from the shade to the city, to this table. Fresh and local seasonal product. We are committed to traditional flavors and sustainable gastronomy. For lovers of good wine we have an updated winery with more than 450 national and international references.


$$$$ C. San Nicolás, 32, 31001, Pamplona
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
Discover Baserriberri: a beacon of creative, free-spirited, and globally inspired cuisine nestled in the heart of Pamplona. Baserriberri is a culinary destination that celebrates innovation, embraces culinary freedom, and draws inspiration from diverse culinary traditions around the world. Located in the vibrant heart of Pamplona, Baserriberri promises an unforgettable dining experience where each dish tells a story of creativity and exploration.

Restaurante Anttonenea

$$$$ C. De San Antón, 48, 31001, Pamplona
Spanish Elegant & Chic
Anttonenea Restaurant in Pamplona has a wonderful gastronomic history and is located in the heart of the old town of Pamplona. The goal is clear: that everyone who comes feels at home and leaves with a smile from ear to ear. It's an ideal restaurant to enjoy homemade and traditional cuisine. It has an excellent quality-price ratio and exceptional treatment. The restaurant in Pamplona has a weekend tasting menu available every day of the year; it is an invitation to explore the season's flavours with dishes that are selected and prepared with the utmost care. It is an opportunity for those who want to enjoy various culinary creations without making difficult decisions.

Restaurante Alma

$$$$ C. Beloso Bajo, 11, 31006, Pamplona
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
Welcome to Alma, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of Pamplona, where tradition meets innovation in every dish. Our restaurant takes its name from the Spanish word for "soul," reflecting the essence and passion we infuse into every dining experience. Step inside and be enveloped by the warm ambience, adorned with rustic yet elegant decor that sets the stage for an unforgettable meal. Our menu pays homage to the rich gastronomic heritage of Pamplona and the surrounding region of Navarre, showcasing the finest local ingredients sourced from nearby farms and markets.

Restaurante La Vieja Iruña

$$$ C. San Nicolás, 40, 31001, Pamplona
Mediterranean Premium Casual
At La Vieja Iruña Restaurant, you'll encounter a fusion of traditional culinary delights infused with contemporary flair, exemplified not only in the flavors but also in the meticulous artistry of its plating. Vieja Iruña Restaurant is located in the heart of Pamplona.

Restaurante Europa

$$$$ C. Espoz Y Mina, 11, 31002, Pamplona
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining
Gastronomic tradition and innovation in the heart of Pamplona. Located a few meters from the central Plaza del Castillo, with all the parking facilities, Europa restaurant has one of the best cuisines in Navarra, with exquisite treatment of the seasonal products of our land. Recognized with a Michelin Star since 1993 and with two Repsol suns. The restaurant has seven private dining rooms for 4 to 200 guests. Its decoration is personalized for each one of them, taking care of every detail to enjoy a cosy stay. To organize any event or work day, contact us. We put all the material and human resources at your disposal to make your event successful. We take care of every detail so that everything turns out as planned.


$$$$ C. De Francisco Bergamin Kalea, 7, 31003, Pamplona
International Fine dining
A restaurant under constant evolution. Opened in 1985, the Alhambra has become an essential reference for Navarre cuisine. Following the family vocation, Esther and Iñaki Idoate, accompanied by their expert team of professionals, continue providing their customers with new gastronomic sensations. The restaurant has room for 150 people, including two private dining rooms for up to 14 diners and another fitting 30-70. The dining rooms are comfortable and discerningly decorated, with good taste apparent in every detail. Creative and traditional signature cuisine: The demand for quality products and preparation bringing out the flavour and quality of the ingredients make tasting our dishes exquisite. We love working with seasonal products and giving them our personal touch. The menu offers different game dishes and fresh vegetables according to the time of year; and we are also committed to selecting local, high quality products.

La Olla

$$ Av. Roncesvalles, 2, 31002, Pamplona
Spanish Mediterranean Fast Casual
La Olla restaurant is located in the heart of Pamplona. La Olla is honest cuisine and product. It is love for service. It is an updated traditional cuisine proposal allowing you to live an authentic culinary experience. We are in the heart of Pamplona. Welcome. In harmony with our cuisine, we offer you a wide and careful selection of wines and drinks. Choosing the right wine exponentially multiplies the enjoyment of the dining experience.

Restaurante Rodero

$$ C. De Emilio Arrieta, 3, 31002, Pamplona
Spanish European Casual Dining
Welcome to Restaurant Rodero, a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Pamplona, where tradition meets innovation on every plate. With a legacy spanning generations, our restaurant embodies the essence of Navarre's rich gastronomic heritage, offering a dining experience that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Step inside and be transported to a world of refined elegance, where warm hospitality and impeccable service await. Our inviting ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey, where each dish tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and dedication to excellence. Savor the flavors of Navarre with our chef's innovative interpretations of traditional Basque and Spanish cuisine, showcasing the finest locally sourced ingredients transformed into culinary masterpieces. From delicate seafood creations to succulent meats grilled to perfection, every bite is a celebration of flavor and artistry.

Restaurante Verduarte

$$$$ Pl. Del Baluarte, S/n, 31002, Pamplona
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining
Haute cuisine restaurant, awarded with a Sol Repsol 2020, where you can enjoy all the essence of the vegetables of our Navarra land, tasting them in all their textures, flavours and forms. We have two menus to make your experience a journey through the most traditional flavours and the latest gastronomic trends. All this from the hand of our chef Nacho Gómara, of Ribero origin, the cradle of Navarrese vegetables, and with a great professional career. Verduarte is at the top of the Baluarte Congress Palace, a privileged place with exceptional city views. Restaurant Verduarte is located in Pamplona.

Restaurante Kabo

$$$$ Av. De Zaragoza, 10, 31003, Pamplona
Spanish International Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Welcome to Kabo, where culinary delights meet the vibrant spirit of Pamplona. Nestled in the heart of this historic city, Kabo invites you on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of Navarre and beyond. Step into our warm and inviting ambiance, where modern elegance blends seamlessly with traditional charm. Whether you're seeking a cozy dinner for two or a lively gathering with friends and family, Kabo offers an unforgettable dining experience. Our menu showcases the finest ingredients sourced from local markets and trusted suppliers. From savory pintxos bursting with regional flavors to succulent grilled meats and fresh seafood dishes, each creation is a testament to our dedication to quality and authenticity.
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