Best Restaurants in Las Hayas

Amparo Las Hayas

$$ Ctra Arure Las Hayas, 13, 38870, Las Hayas
Spanish Fast Casual
Next to the Garajonay National Park, is the Caserío de Las Hayas Restaurant. Las Hayas belongs to Valle Gran Rey, the most touristic municipality of the island of La Gomera. Precisely this is one of the elements that make Las Hayas enjoy the charm of tourists, who can enjoy the magic of staying next to the Garajonay National Park, a forest of the Tertiary Era, know their ancient cultures, and in turn be 15 minutes from the tourist center of the island (Valle Gran Rey), 25 minutes from the port (the capital of the island, San Sebastian de La Gomera) and 20 minutes from the airport.
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