Best Restaurants in Arrecife

El Puerto

$$$ C. Juan De Quesada, 23, 35500, Arrecife
Spanish Premium Casual
Situated in the vibrant coastal city of Arrecife, El Puerto Restaurant invites you to savor the flavors of the sea in a picturesque waterfront setting. Our restaurant is a culinary haven where you can indulge in fresh seafood dishes while soaking in the beauty of the ocean. As you step into El Puerto Restaurant, you'll be greeted by the fresh sea breeze and panoramic views of the harbor. Our spacious dining area, adorned with nautical-inspired decor and warm lighting, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. At El Puerto Restaurant, we specialize in serving up the finest selection of seafood delicacies, sourced directly from local fishermen and prepared with expertise by our skilled chefs. From succulent grilled fish to flavorful seafood paellas and tantalizing shellfish platters, our menu showcases the best of the ocean's bounty.

Restaurante Alarz Bahía Club

$$$$ Parque Islas Canarias, S/n, 35500, Arrecife
Spanish European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
A taste of the sea, of our land, of the essence of Spanish gastronomy and new flavours, coming from the greatest international gastronomic trends. A sophisticated concept with unbeatable sea views from our terrace, where the main protagonist is the product you taste. The Alarz Bahía Club restaurant in Arrecife awaits you for a gourmet experience with your partner, family or friends to offer you a journey to the great flavours of our gastronomy. A journey to rediscover the flavours and textures of our national gastronomy together with the main international trends. Alarz aims at reinventing the concept of the Spanish beach bar in an urban, elegant and modern environment.

Restaurante Lilium

$$$$ Marina Lanzarote, Av. Olof Palme, S/N, Centro Comercial, 35500, Arrecife
Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Lanzarote has an increasing public interest in learning about its gastronomy. For years now, we have been communicating that we are not only an island of "Sun and Beach" but that through our unique landscape, the traveller discovers places that speak of wine, cheese, fish, seafood, meats, grains, and vegetables incredibly adapted and endless aromas and feelings awakened through our five senses. All this gives our menu the characteristic of fusing foreign ingredients with those of our land, reviewing traditional recipes, and creating new ones. Thus making the pleasure of cooking very attractive for you and so that you can find a restaurant to have lunch or dinner in Arrecife, the capital of our island. Opened in April 2006, Lilium began as a Gastrobar located in the municipality of Tías. There, and focused on that concept, all kinds of events related to the gastronomy of Lanzarote were held, including tastings, courses, blind dinners, conferences, and live music. That lasted five years after it was decided to change course. Arrecife was the chosen place. Focused on the local public and travellers and giving a twist to the concept with which it began, we have already tried to be one of the most attractive and trusted offerings in the city as a restaurant. We are abandoning the gastro bar path with which it began, heading with a firm step towards a more elaborate cuisine and convinced of what had been proposed years ago, the local product as the natural direction to follow. Another five years passed, and today, the restaurant redecorated by Alejandro Cabrera faces the sea, located in a privileged and spectacular area: Marina Lanzarote, a modern and differentiating enclave in Arrecife, a spectacular marina, a meeting point for sailors and athletes, and where to enjoy the best leisure in the capital.
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