Best Restaurants in Platja de Palma

Arroceria Casa Aurelio

$$ Carrer D'Amílcar, 14, 07600, Platja de Palma
Spanish Family Style
Welcome to Arroceria Casa Aurelio, a culinary haven in the heart of Mallorca. The restaurant is a tribute to the art of rice dishes, where the finest ingredients and traditional recipes come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. From classic paellas and flavorful risottos to inventive rice creations inspired by the Mediterranean, the chefs are dedicated to providing a taste of Spain's rice cuisine. As you step into Arroceria Casa Aurelio, you'll be embraced by an ambience that exudes warmth and Mediterranean charm. The restaurant combines rustic aesthetics with a cozy and inviting setting, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.

Restaurante 1955

$$ Carrer De Cartago, 39, 07600, Platja de Palma
Spanish Family Style
Welcome to Restaurant 1955, a culinary time capsule in the heart of Mallorca. The restaurant is a journey back in time, where classic recipes and timeless flavours take centre stage in a warm and nostalgic setting. The menu is a tribute to the enduring appeal of classic cuisine. They take pride in recreating beloved dishes from the past, using the finest ingredients and techniques to ensure an authentic taste. Every dish is a homage to culinary history, from retro-inspired appetizers to iconic main courses and decadent desserts. Our attentive and friendly staff is committed to providing top-notch service, ensuring that your dining experience is both evocative and memorable.

Pazo Do Pulpo

$$ Ctra. Militar, 219, 07600, Platja de Palma
Spanish Family Style
Casa Do Pulpo Mallorca is a family-owned and run restaurant in Mallorca that aims to offer you the finest in Galician cuisine. Their speciality is seafood, and they provide various sea fruits. For those who prefer the land to the sea, don't overlook our offering of prime-aged Galician beef. Families and large groups are always most welcome. Open all year round, their Calle Militar restaurant in Arenal is probably the most popular of our three, with a more earthy decor than Portixol. With an open kitchen, you can see working to create your delicious meal. Both outdoor and indoor dining are available.

Restaurante Katagi Blau

$$$$ Av. D'Amèrica, 2, 07600, Platja de Palma
International Elegant & Chic
KATAGI Blau lives up to its meaning “There is no other like it under the sun”. And there is no other place like it in the bay of Palma. In our rooftop, you will feel how Asia blends with Majorca in a unique and modern way in an idyllic location where the Mediterranean is the perfect companion for lunch, dinner or a signature cocktail with friends at Playa de Palma. KATAGI Blau is a singular gastronomic experience through which our chef Gunnar Blischke, highlights the sparkle of Asian food using exceptional products. The rooftop at Playa de Palma is KATAGI Blau’s scene. The perfect location of the restaurant is enhanced by a unique setting that takes you directly to the essence of Asia through our dishes. When the sun sets, the views from a rooftop in front of the bay of Palma overshadow any dusk in Majorca. Intensified by its vertical gardens and the perfect mixture of nature’s green and the golden sunset, the rooftop terrace has a carefully selected décor and the ideal extension to enjoy both space and intimacy.
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