Best Restaurants in Los Cristianos

Casa Di Sela

$$ C. Ramon Pino, 33, 38650, Los Cristianos
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Welcome to Casa Di Sela, a culinary haven in the heart of Los Cristianos, Spain. Our restaurant is a treasure trove of flavors and a celebration of Mediterranean cuisine, where the warmth of Spanish hospitality meets the essence of traditional and modern dishes. As you step into Casa Di Sela, you'll be greeted by an ambiance that captures the essence of Mediterranean charm. Our restaurant combines rustic aesthetics with a touch of contemporary design, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for a memorable dining experience.

CICO & C Restaurante Pasta Fresca - The Italian Tapas

$$ C. Barranquillo, 3, 38650, Los Cristianos
Italian Family Style
Welcome to this Italian restaurant with an artisanal fresh pasta laboratory in Los Cristianos, Arona, Tenerife. Here, they bring the authentic flavours of Italy to the beautiful shores of Tenerife, offering a unique dining experience that combines traditional Italian cuisine with the craftsmanship of handmade pasta. The menu is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Italy. From exquisite pasta dishes made from scratch in the artisanal laboratory to classic Italian favorites like wood-fired pizzas and delectable desserts, the chefs are dedicated to providing an authentic taste of Italy.

La Gitana

$$ C. Juan Bariajo, 2, Local 6, 38650, Los Cristianos
Italian Spanish Fast Casual
La Gitana Restaurant is a beautiful Italian and Spanish Fusion BBQ Restaurant in Los Cristianos. This is a corner of paradise on the first floor with an ocean view! All meat is freshly cooked with wood grill.

Little India Tenerife

$$ Calle Hermano Pedro De Bethencourt, C.C. Apolo, 2, Local 3, 38650, Los Cristianos
Indian Asian Casual Dining Ethnic
"Little India Tenerife in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, is a vibrant and authentic Indian restaurant that offers a rich and flavorful dining experience. Located in the bustling town of Los Cristianos, this restaurant has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the diverse and aromatic cuisine of India. The ambience of Little India Tenerife is a colourful and inviting fusion of traditional Indian culture and modern dining comfort. The interior is decorated with warm colours, ornate patterns, and Indian artwork, creating an exotic and cosy atmosphere. The restaurant setting is designed to transport diners to the heart of India, making it an ideal place for an immersive culinary adventure. At the core of Little India TeTenerife'sppeal is its extensive menu, which showcases the vast array of flavours and dishes from various regions of India. The restaurant prides itself on serving authentic Indian cuisine, with each dish prepared using traditional spices and cooking methods. The menu offers options from classic curries and tandoori dishes to flavorful biryanis and vegetarian specialities. Each dish is carefully crafted to ensure a balance of spices and flavours, catering to both enthusiasts of Indian cuisine and those new to its diverse flavours.
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