Best Restaurants in Granada

Ristorante Damasqueros

$$$$ C. Damasqueros, 3, 18009, Granada
Spanish International European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Damasqinado is a craft work that consists in making figures and drawings from the incorporation of wires and sheets of gold and silver in steel or iron, usually caressed. While Damasqinada creates art in the plates, this inclusiveness to the dishes in which the tastiest raw materials are integrated is transferred. Unique Capri, pure craftsmanship developed between stoves. An ancient art transferred to the most contemporary cuisine. A place where tradition is breathed, but also art, contemporaneity, change, and innovation. A place where food is not only food as such but turns into a canvas where you can draw your emotions, share and savour them, dish after dish.

La Mafia Sit-Down Restaurant

$$ C. San Matías, Nº33, Bajo, 18009, Granada
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
In full Italian style, a place in the heart of Granada that leaves the time it finds with its traditional Mediterranean cuisine. A very casual place, suitable for families and friends, where you can enjoy the beauty of the food and its flavour. A conventional cuisine which evokes those smells that permeated the neighbourhoods when we were children and played in the street, raising the bar of memories and making our mouths water again. A vast menu full of appetizers, first courses (including handmade pasta) and second courses of land and sea; you will be spoiled for choice.

Taberna Los Pensadores

$$$ C. Alhamar, 21, 18005, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Eat, drink, love and laugh because we can take back everything except the time that has passed. It is the philosophy from which - never better said - the gastronomic project of the Taberna Los Pensadores takes its cue. By creating a place that pays homage to time: the time we allow ourselves to think and practice happiness. The team comprises young professionals whose mission, passion and values are the search for pleasures to put on your plate. The work creates enthusiasm in the group, making this place exciting. Los Pensadores table, desk, vine and parranda. Because a full belly with an empty smile is useless.

Restaurante Los Patos

$$$$ C. Solarillo De Gracia, 1, 18002, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
At the Los Patos restaurant, a gastronomic offer has been created in which natural and healthy products predominate. The chefs combine cutting-edge cooking techniques with ingredients selected for their seasonality and freshness to enjoy all the flavours of Granada's cuisine in the city's heart without leaving the hotel. There is no better way to discover the culinary tradition of Granada than through its tapas, such as the Moorish pastel, influenced by Mozarabic cuisine, the bluefin tuna fillet with lime and wasabi cream or the scallop salad with citrus and saffron. You can also savour its typical gastronomy with its juicy meats, among which the rack of suckling lamb with couscous salad, cucumber and mint-flavoured yoghurt is recommended.

Restaurante Arriaga

$$$$ Av. De La Ciencia, 2, 18006, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Located on the top floor inside the memory of the Museum of Andalusia, at 55 meters, they can see the city, the Vega and the Sierra. With a modern and welcoming style, with large and comfortable tables where you can enjoy a product based on the product, with your wink in the book of Basque cuisine and modern cut recipes. The protagonist is mainly the product and, consequently, the quality, which is primarily local; without this good product, offering you some large dishes would be impossible. The chef tries to make the offer as varied as possible. The products that are used to do it are daily in the kitchen, served by trusted suppliers, focusing on the daily quality of the product and, above all in freshness and conservation, thus avoiding freezing or refusal of the organoleptic qualities of each product, if it would not be tough to maintain the freshness of all of them.

Antojitos Mexican Food

$$ Cam. De Purchil, 6, 18004, Granada
Mexican Casual Dining Family Style
From Antojitos, Customers can taste various Mexican dishes: Burritos, Fajitas, Nachos, Enchiladas, and Questiadillas. All this was prepared with raw material first, with an excellent presentation, and served in a welcoming environment with Mexican decoration. Thanks to absolute quality raw materials in the restaurant, typical traditional Mexican dishes are continuously prepared. From Burritos, cheese, nachos, and spicy sauces. The careful presentation, excellence in service, and quality in the elaboration and raw materials will make your gastronomic experience unique.

Utopía Ramen Bar

$$$ C. Tendillas De Sta. Paula, 6, 18001, Granada
Japanese Asian Casual Dining Family Style
In the heart of Granada, besides the innumerable Iberian, and traditional local restaurants, we also find restaurants overlooking different cultures, including the Asian one, which embraces countless sub-cultures and typical dishes. From Utopia, in the centre of Granada, you can enjoy one of the most distinctive Asian dishes, Ramen. Handmade, by the chefs, from Utopia, you can breathe oriental air with an unmistakable Japanese style. Ramen of all kinds, with many contours and soups, accompany the local, modern and welcoming, in a culinary experience that differs from the usual ones.


$$ C. Gral. Narváez, Nº8, 18002, Granada
Japanese Asian Fine dining
Ki is an ancient concept that consists of the union of energy, spirit and mind in a single substance. It is the strength of the universe that is everywhere and constantly evolving, in evolution and adaptation. Āto, on the other hand, means art in Japanese. The perception of the kitchen goes hand in hand with this meaning. All experience has a beginning. There is no doubt that these participants will transport you to themselves. Here the fusion cuisine acts as a queen, so you will find infinite rolls that are authentic flavour explosions. If there is a characteristic piece of Japanese cuisine which is Nigiri. In Kiāto, the traditional elements with the best product are processed, and authentic gastronomic adventures for the palate.

Restaurante Aisushi

$$$ Arabial, 54, 18004, Granada
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
From Aisushi, customers can taste various dishes: sushi, tempura, meat, soups, salads and exquisite desserts. All this was prepared with raw material first, with an excellent presentation, and served in a welcoming environment with Japanese decoration. In the restaurant, a vastness of traditional Japanese Japanese cuisine is prepared based on top-quality raw materials. From sushi, sashimi, tataki and salads, a wide range of rice to the hot dishes that include Tempura, Yakiudone and Yakisoba and meats. The careful presentation, service excellence, and quality in the elaboration and raw materials will make their gastronomic experience unique.

Los Manueles Reyes Católicos

$$$ Reyes Católicos, 61, 18010, Granada
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining
In a privileged enclave, next to Plaza Nueva, which is the square that communicates Alhambra, Albayzín, Realejo, Gran Vía and the Historical Center, you will find Los Manueles. It is a space in which tourists and clubs meet not only for their central position but for the magical environment surrounding it. Feel Granada's life on the terrace on the upper floor, where you can enjoy excellent food and a breathtaking view of the whole city. In addition to being one of the recommended restaurants in Granada, without a doubt for history and its traditional Granada and Andaluza cuisine, it is renamed for the superfine quality of food and its centrality, which has always been an institution in Granada.

Negro Carbón Albayzín

$$ Calle, C. De Puente Cabrera, 9, 18009, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In Black Carbon Albaycín, you share everything that tradition can teach. We understand the art of cuisine as the sum of memory, respect for the best raw material and the taste for life. Being one of the best restaurants in Granada requires excellence, so the essence is based on these three fundamental pillars. The meats are of superfine quality, coming from the best Iberian farms, only on native land. A wine list that must be able to hold the comparison with these delicious meats, ready to accompany the taste and enjoy the best of food.

Restaurante Aljibe 1644

$$$$ Carrera Del Darro, 9, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Aljibe 1644 is a new restaurant in one of the most emblematic areas of Granada-Bajo Albaycín, in front of the Alhambra-Junto on the Darro river, in which it can taste recent gastronomic trends in a place full of history dating back to its S. XVII Ángel Rodriguez, chef of the restaurant, recovers ancient flavours that offer authentic cuisine with Granada products. The Iberian cuisine, in its most traditional state possible, was brought to the table thanks to the knowledge and studies of the chef. A truly unique place, in stone, almost medieval, characteristic and suggestive, for a romantic dinner, perfect location.

Restaurante Mirador De Morayma

$$$$ C. Pianista García Carrillo, 2, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
This restaurant is located in Morisco Carmen from Albayzín. With the best views of the Alhambra Nasrid buildings, it offers its native cuisine and natural wine of an ecological vineyard collected in its rural tourist farm of Morayma Alqueryma in the Alpujarra. Here at the Mirador de Morayma we offer traditional Granada cuisine. The letter is governed by seasonal products and the area, with a well-selected wine letter. Together with the good gastronomic offer, in addition to attentive service, the point of view is indicated for a romantic dinner, friends or celebrations, as well as conferences or work meetings as it offers peculiarity as a welcome cup in its gardens and dining rooms Private, where you can enjoy a long food without shifts or haste.

El Trillo Restaurante

$$$$ Cjón. Del Aljibe De Trillo, 3, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
A restaurant immersed in the dawn. The imposing Alhambra, glimpsed only for births from the garden, is shown with all its splendour when climbing the terrace. This space is open to the panoramas for those who cannot resist an evening from an always attentive aspect of the city red. Iberian cuisine, the one you like, the one proposed for the trill, awakens all the senses of each customer, who at that time feel special and unique. Mediterranean cuisine is always used, which with its variety and quality of its products, helps to obtain the range of emotions that want to take the dish. Numerous dishes on the menu, which can be meat, fish, and everything that the Mediterranean offers us!

Mesón Botafumeiro

$$ C. Príncipe, 5, 18001, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Mesón Botafumeiro opened its doors in 2015 to bring all the marches and fruits of the earth closer to all visitors. Come and try; you will find him in Prince 5 Street before the Carmen Plaza (City Council of Granada). In Mesón Botafumeiro, you will find the best of the Galician and all of Spain that brings the most selected fish to Granada, only then meeting the quality needs of the owners. The chefs, specialized in Galician cuisine, offer a culinary scenario of a certain thickness, among the most requested in Granada. Check it by testing one of the day's specialities that the chefs propose. Granada is a land of traditions; one of the most important refers to tapas. Mesón Botafumeiro is located in the centre of Granada, in one of the main gastronomic routes relating to the lid.


$$ C. Ribera Del Genil, 2, 18005, Granada
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The chef de cuisine, Marco Frontani, arrives for the first time in Granada in January 2017 and falls in love with the city of Alhambra and its inhabitants. After many years of experience in the world, he comes from the city of Rome with the intention of providing the best experience of Italian cuisine and its products, starting from appetizers (in Italian: Antipasti) to desserts (in Italian: Dolci ) to combine with dishes the best wine; this is why "DIVINE" was born. A good talk with a good wine or liqueur and the best service will leave you with good memories and the desire to return. The most important thing is tradition, so egg pasta is made at home daily, as Italian grandmothers still do in some villages.


$$ Pl. Del Campillo Bajo, 10, 18009, Granada
Spanish International European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Biloba is located in the centre of Granada, a modern and current space. It has two interior rooms that combine high and low tables. Inside the restaurant, or rather, outside, you will also find a perfectly conditioned terrace for the days of the sun and rain. Biloba's cuisine offers a mixture of all continents in one letter. It is casual and contemporary, with a clear objective to transmit flavour, simplicity and quality. A vast, rich menu, which erects the Spanish tradition at the centre of its culinary proposal, proposing the typical Spanish culinary dishes with a touch of Andalusia, giving that extra touch to its words.

Picoteca 3 Maneras

$$ Calle Sta. Escolástica, 19, 18009, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Piqueca 3 Ways is a different way of understanding the kitchen, so it represents the kitchen without ties, where you will never stop surprising yourself. The flavour must always be the protagonist among the stoves and embers. In the dishes where the fusion of traditional Spanish, Asian and other countries is glimpsed, it mixes in unique words. A perfect combination for everyone to be with family and friends and to live a special moment.

Atahualpa Steakhouse

$$ Pl. Del Campillo Bajo, S/n, 18009, Granada
Argentinean Casual Dining Family Style
In the centre of Granada, we find Atahualpa, an Argentine restaurant that serves delicious meat. In the heart of the Spanish city, inside the main square, with numerous outdoor tables, ATAHUALPA offers a vast offer of meat, delicious cuts directly from Argentina, the country and the land of large farms and cuts of excellent beef. A specific location where you can enjoy the joys of food, around a table, between friends and relatives, to spend a different evening or lunch in the company.

Asador Contrapunto

$$ C. Gran Vía De Colón, 20, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Premium Casual
El Asador Contrapunto brings together the best products of Mediterranean gastronomy and the unique touch of grilling to form a proposal full of flavour for the taste of all palates. Located in the heart of Granada, this restaurant drinks from the city's essence and draws inspiration from its Nasrid past to create a menu that respects tradition and embraces the avant-garde. From typically Spanish and Andalusian dishes to preparations that wink at other cultures and cuisines, always with respect for the product. Asador Contrapunto is designed to offer a complete gastronomic experience. The best of the freshest products from the market and exquisite local specialities create a high-quality proposal that does not disappoint.
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