Best Restaurants in Bilbao

Coppola Bilbao

$$ Barraincúa Kalea, 6, 48009, Bilbao
Italian Fast Casual
Coppola is a small and cosy Italian restaurant in Bilbao's heart. Coppola serves quality artisanal food with traditional Italian dishes.



$$$ Arriquíbar Plaza, 2, 48008, Bilbao
Japanese Asian Premium Casual
Ura Japones is your place to get out of the routine and embark on a journey through Japanese gastronomy. Delicious sushi, attention to detail and a unique family atmosphere in Bilbao. Recharge your batteries and reconnect with the world in a renewed way. The original and fun recipe is essential, but the quality of the ingredients is supreme and a must. The dishes are prepared with care and detail and with the best of the gastronomy market, and this is undoubtedly evident in that unmistakable flavour. The menu is dynamic and delicious, different every day to enjoy Japanese cuisine at your favourite restaurant. The original recipe is essential, and the supreme quality of the ingredients is a must.


$$$ Lersundi Kalea, 3, 48009, Bilbao
Japanese Premium Casual
Wasabi is an authentic Japanese restaurant with a touch of some Eastern and Western fusions. Highlighting its utmost care in the raw material, always using first-choice ingredients. Wasabi was born from the care and passion that its chef Mauricio Cornejo has towards this peculiar gastronomy. The restaurant's philosophy is to entertain diners from start to finish, paying the utmost attention to every detail of their experience. A restaurant in full Japanese style, with ornaments and paintings typical of the land of Rising Sun, offers ultra-traditional cuisine, with the best sushi dishes, accompanied by a spectacular show by the chefs during the preparation of the dishes, making Wasabi a unique restaurant.

Restaurante India Town

$$ Uribitarte Pasealekua, 14, 48001, Bilbao
Indian Asian Casual Dining Family Style
After starting to work from New Delhi and then in various countries such as Germany, Denmark, and Bulgaria, fate led the chef to open his restaurant in Bilbao. Let the people of Bilbao and its surroundings remember India Town when talking about Indian food. They have built a solid reputation in India Town for their specialist knowledge of Indian restaurants. For some years, we have been considered experts in the field; In the restaurant, the team is increasingly efficient, prepared, knowledgeable of the raw material that is processed and able to converse with customers. The preparation of the chefs for the traditional dishes is carried out with professionalism and timeliness to give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Demaio | Pizza Gourmet

$$ San Frantzisko Kalea, 10, 48003, Bilbao
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
A family story that conquers the whole city of Bilbao. This happened to these three Italian brothers who, starting from southern Italy, studying, cooking, and closely observing the master pizza makers, learned the art and then were able to export it after years of experience around Italy. From north to south, abroad, especially in Spain, where they were immediately known and appreciated. At Demaio, you will find what best represents Neapolitanness, a way of being, living, and loving pizza. The real one, high, with long leavening, has become a UNESCO heritage site, which unites entire tables and entire cultures, different from each other, and connects them around a table.

Kimtxu Taberna Asiática

$$$$ Henao Kalea, 17, 48009, Bilbao
Asian Premium Casual
Borrowing the concepts and essence of Asian gastronomy and combining them with local market products to offer surprising dishes such as skazki dumplings or hake in Biscayan-Sichuan sauce. Every month an evening is dedicated to a themed dinner in which a product or an area of Asia is the protagonist. An oriental cuisine that mixes with the Basque one creates an unmistakable and truly unique mix of flavours, guaranteeing the Kimtxu restaurant a Michelin star and, above all, a lot of fame, thanks to its special, controlled and certified raw materials.

Il Basilico

$$ Ribera De La, Botica Vieja, 22, 48014, Bilbao
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Il Basilico offers the best Italian pasta at a price accessible to all consumers, creating a popular product that can be appreciated by the most demanding diners and connoisseurs of authentic Italian cuisine without displeasing anyone, offering what in Italy is considered like a natural religion, a simple, genuine, homemade cuisine, with flavours and smells reminiscent of the country villages and hills of northern Italy. The slow cooking technology used for the dishes to be prepared allows you to have recipes most faithful to the Italian culture.

Asador Arde Bilbao

$$$ Henao Kalea, 54, 48009, Bilbao
Spanish Casual Dining Family Style
A steakhouse in full rustic style, with very high-quality meat. At Asador Arde in Bilbao, you will find the best cuts of meat in the whole Basque province. A welcoming room made of wood, almost reminiscent of a mountain cabin, in the middle of the woods during the hunting season. You can breathe fresh mountain air where the meats are carefully selected, chosen and treated in the best possible way.

Restaurante Ágape

$$$ Hernani Kalea, 13, 48003, Bilbao
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Affection is the great secret of any preparation. From there, simplicity, not vulgarity, is an excellent ally because we believe that to enjoy the food, you don't have to go crazy. Just use suitable raw materials, land and sea, take advantage of their seasonality and apply the knowledge we have acquired from mothers and grandmothers and at school. All this allows you to feel at home every day in Agape's kitchen or to discover new combinations of flavours resulting from the influences of other lands or cultures, among which the Mediterranean plays a fundamental role. The Ágape kitchen team, complements and continuously learns from each other to offer the best of ourselves every day.


$$$ Alameda De Recalde, 53, 48010, Bilbao
Peruvian Casual Dining Family Style
Cevitxef, the Peruvian cevichería with a Latin flavour. It's an approach to everything we didn't know, but by trying it, we want to keep discovering. It is freshness, health, flavour and difference. Enjoy Peruvian cuisine and its fusion flavours. A meeting of sea and technique: fresh fish seasoned with lemon or lime, seasoned with the special touch of signature cuisine, where subtle hints of coriander, salt, red onion, corn, mountain corn, sweet potato puree and milk of tiger. Enjoy exotic and fresh flavours with Peruvian dishes. Acevichadas, composed of a base of seasoned and sieved mashed potatoes surrounded by pieces of tuna, octopus, or prawns washed down with leche de tigre.

Casa Leotta - Ajuriaguerra

$$ Calle Juan Ajuriaguerra Kalea, 14, 48009, Bilbao
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
In Rome, the pinsa is like a culinary institution par excellence because, after carbonara and amatriciana, the Roman pinsa remains one of the greatest culinary inventions ever. A notable difference from the classic Italian pizza. An oval shape, with a different dough, crunchy, thin, unique, representative of pure Romanity. At Casa Leotta, you will find the true joy of tasting the unique and inimitable Roman pinsa. A welcoming place, which transforms food into poetry, harmony and aggregation, to bring diners together at the table and enjoy good food in the company, tasting and smelling that hint of Roman life that pervades the place.

Los Fueros

$$ Foru Kalea, 6, 48005, Bilbao
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
In addition to the classic à la carte menu, Los Fueros offers a series of menus perfect for enjoying and discovering the essence of Basque and Iberian cuisine. The Bilbao de Toda la Vida Menu is a tribute to the city's best-loved gastronomic traditions, while the Jaia Menu covers many of the most famous specialities from the Basque lands. The Lifelong Bilbao menu offers a tour of some of Bilbao's most famous dishes. The perfect gift for those who love good gastronomy. Los Fueros offers traditional cuisine based on the best products. Few extravaganzas and many traditional specialities, sometimes revisited for today's tastes, but always made with the best products.

Il Giardino Della Nonna

$$ Mazarredo Zumarkalea, 18, 48009, Bilbao
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Il Giardino Della Nonna offers you the most exquisite variety of Italian in Bilbao, offering you cuisine in full Italian style, as real Italian grandmothers have dispensed and continue to do for their grandchildren. A menu is full of typical specialities of the peninsula, made with the same love as a mother or grandmother. The banner of this beautiful restaurant is represented by quality, fresh and organic products that are carefully selected every day at the market. You can enjoy Italian pizzas, pasta, salads and desserts at the table. Unbeatable value for money, with a grocery store with Italian products.

La Bodega De Ola

$$$$ Erribera Kalea, 13, 48005, Bilbao
International European Mediterranean Fine dining
Quality and tradition come together to enjoy the best wine and accompany it with a gastronomic proposal focused on the product. Signature Wines and Haute Cuisine in an informal and contemporary space, without forgetting the Basque roots, which influence the flavours and smells of each dish at Bodega De Ola. Haute cuisine dishes are designed to be shared. Punctually, at the beginning of each week, the chef, together with all the staff, thinks up a menu that changes weekly with unique off-menu dishes dictated by the market product.

Restaurante Amaren

$$$ Diputazio Kalea, 6, 48009, Bilbao
European Premium Casual
We travel throughout the peninsula to scrupulously select the best oxen we meet. They are transferred to the structures where during their last year, we try to ensure that they live optimally and relaxed, carefully monitoring their nutrition and that the oxen remain healthy at all times. In the Amaren restaurant, meat is considered the queen, a religion, the reason for living for all those who work behind the scenes, treating the cuts as effectively as possible, guaranteeing customers a quality and a unique flavour of the meat, making it juicy, tasty, unique, unrepeatable.

Odoloste Restaurante

$$$$ Alameda De Recalde, Nº11, 48009, Bilbao
Spanish International European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Welcome to Odoloste! A place where gastronomy is a unique and unforgettable experience. This beautiful restaurant is located just 100 meters from the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, in a space designed to enjoy the most authentic and avant-garde flavours. At Odoloste, we are committed to a constantly evolving cuisine, where each dish is a culinary work of art that will surprise you with its textures, colours and flavours. With extensive experience in prestigious restaurants, the chef selects the best seasonal products to create innovative and original dishes that will give you a unique gastronomic experience. Odoloste is a place where gastronomy becomes an art.

Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao

$$$ Abandoibarra Etorb., 2, 48009, Bilbao
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual Bistrot
Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao values a style of free cuisine linked to the roots, to the memory of those dishes that are part of a culture and must be adapted to an avant-garde context without losing flavours or textures. Ancient recipes and sauces are the basis of the work of an entire staff, from the dining room to the chefs behind the stoves, but refined, evolved and adapted to the general public, who seek tasty, healthy cuisine and an informal gastronomic experience. Also, enjoy an exclusive terrace surrounded by titanium in one of the most emblematic buildings of Bilbao, on the edge of the Nervión, to enjoy a unique environment in the world.

Restaurante Mandoya

$$$ Txakur Kalea, 3, 48005, Bilbao
Spanish European Premium Casual
At the Mandoya Restaurant, the staff put all their passion into your service to offer an unforgettable stay through their cuisine and special and careful attention. After more than fifty years immersed in culinary art, thanks to the use of fresh and local products that make a difference, the Mandoya Restaurant is committed to always maintaining its high quality. More than 55 years have passed since the Mandoya restaurant first opened in Bilbao's Casco Viejo. During all this time, it has been recognized by all as a high-quality restaurant with an unbeatable preparation of its products, accompanied by its hosts' friendly and cordial treatment.

Restaurante GRECOCINA Cocina Griega Y Mediterránea

$$ Henao Kalea, 30, 48009, Bilbao
Greek European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Grecocina is an elegant restaurant; get ready for a fantastic gastronomic experience with Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Greek cuisine is typically Mediterranean, characterized by the fusion of sea and land products and the combination of flavours and textures, mainly using olive oil and vinegar, as well as various types of vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish and fruits of the sea. Bilbao welcomes the latest addition to its diverse gastronomic spectrum, the Greek and Mediterranean restaurant "Grecocina". Under the guidance of chef Kostas Lykogiannis, the restaurant offers traditional dishes made with the best raw materials. As Greece is closer than you imagine, enjoy a history full of flavour here and now.

Restaurante Aizian Jatetxea

$$$$ Leizaola Lehendakariaren Kalea, 29, 48001, Bilbao
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
El Restaurante Aizian, inaugurated in 2003, has an elegant and warm atmosphere provided by a list of red cedar and sukupira Madeira decorations inspired by a box of purees and the lovely views at the Doña Casilda Park. Located on the bay floor of the Melia Bilbao hotel (5*), it is in a privileged situation, just 200 meters from the Euskalduna (Bilbao Congress Hall), 200 from the Museo de Bellas Artes and 5 minutes from the Guggenheim. This sober and modern restaurant is an exponent of the best cooking in the tub. The restaurant has the Kilómetro Cero badge for using Slow Food products, which are also eco-friendly from our other producers.
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