Best Restaurants in San Sebastian

Narru Restaurant

$$$$ San Martin Kalea, 22, 20005, San Sebastian
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining Premium Casual
United by a particular way of understanding the kitchen, the specialization of each professional allows the whole team to satisfy every need in a personalized way, respectful of the product, exquisite in presentation and excellent in form. Tradition, origin and cult of local and seasonal products in the kitchen. Innovation and freshness in the production, in the aesthetics. The know-how of always being in front of the stove. The latest generation in management. This is the Narru team: professional solidity for a constantly evolving liquid world. That's why the product is presented in its essence, with respect and affection, without frills. With a deep awareness of what nature offers us. Each ingredient is chosen for its purity, intuitively, without masking it. Pure transparency creates dishes from raw materials.


$ Ramón Y Cajal Kalea, 3, 20002, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Fast Casual
Enxalao is the first healthy salad restaurant in Donostia - San Sebastián. Specializing in freshly prepared +50-ingredient salads, speciality coffees, healthy breakfasts (homemade toast, açai, yoghurt, smoothies), and other vegetarian and/or vegan dishes seeking to offer diners a healthy, quick, and light meal in an environment warm and natural. All the ingredients used are fresh and honest, and the dishes are prepared on the same day for the customers. Inspiration is drawn from the earth's and the environment's elements to create healthy and organic dishes. We thus have unique coffees roasted in the province, fresh farm milk and local fruit and vegetables supplied by trusted distributors.

Topa Sukaldería

$$ Agirre Miramon K., 7, 20003, San Sebastian
American Mexican Casual Dining Family Style
TOPA Sukaldería celebrates the centuries of history that unite the Basques and Latin Americans. It is the point where both gastronomies meet to share products, flavours, recipes, stories and customs, with the desire to taste, discover and have fun. A meeting of cultures that are fundamentally opposed but which meet on a culinary level, merging and creating a mix of flavours and smells that will enchant the diners, making them experience a sensation of lightness and pure enjoyment. A simple, bright and welcoming place, perfect for any type of lunch or dinner with family or friends.

Txirrita Sagardotegia Sidreria

$$$ San Bartolome Kalea, 32, 20007, San Sebastian
Spanish European Casual Dining Family Style
A cosy place with attention to detail so that your cider experience is unique and authentic. For this reason, from the barrel-shaped entrance to the dining room decorated with wood, the traditional baskets and the photographs of the products aim to take us back to the times of our ancestors when this tradition was born. Sharing is part of the essence of a cider house. The dishes are served in the centre of the table and shared among the diners with conversations, songs, and laughter. Txotx means tap and refers to removing this utensil from the barrel, so the drink flows. It kept its original properties intact by taking it directly from the dome or barrel. Attention to detail is what sets Txirrita apart from all others.

Tedone Jatetxea

$$ Al Lado, Calle Corta, Mirakruz Kalea, 10, 20001, San Sebastian
Spanish International Casual Dining
Following the same line but in continuous evolution, Tedone offers a series of totally vegetarian dishes and other mixed dishes that will change according to the market and the season. The restaurant's growth means that 85 and 90% of all ingredients that make up this menu are organic, organic, non-GM and/or whole. With this, we try to contribute to the spread of organic food and enhance the great work that organic producers do. Just as we still think it's possible to be a better person in a better world, so is a better diet.


$$$ Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 8, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual Family Style
In full Spanish style, to be even more specific, Basque, we find, in the heart of the enchanting San Sebastian on the sea, the Mendaur Berria restaurant. In the heart of the Basque town, the restaurant offers traditional Spanish, Mediterranean and Basque cuisine, proposing the typical culinary dishes of Iberian history, handed down from generation to generation, and repurposed on the tables to move the clock back a few decades, since the story began. A familiar, welcoming, warm place, perfect for being with your family or your other half, where you can enjoy food and wine and spend an evening with friends.

MAUN Grill Bar

$$$ Urbieta Kalea, 9, 20006, San Sebastian
Spanish International Premium Casual
Grill Bar in the historic centre of San Sebastian, an unmistakable land of excellence. Maun is a steakhouse-style restaurant where meat is king, and the best cuts are selected, studied and insured. The incredible quality of their raw materials; the meat is carefully selected, thanks to the countless farms and pastures present in the Basque lands, making the job easier. Maun is a grill bar that looks like a casual but elegant place where you can enjoy a dinner for two or even a family get-together and, why not, even a business meeting. The perfect place to taste real meat, to melt in your mouth.

Da Filippo - Trattoria

$$$ Prim Kalea, 34, 20006, San Sebastian
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Da Filippo is a modern Italian trattoria with solid roots in traditional cuisine, where dishes are reinterpreted with a contemporary style. Dishes that transport you to the past, combining aromas and flavours. Chef Paulo Airaudo, Simone (Head Chef), and Claudia (Room Manager) will delight diners with their delicious and original creations, using high-quality products and raw materials from small local and Italian producers. A real journey in an authentic and refined environment, with a casual concept and always attentive to every little detail, located in the heart of San Sebastián.

Bistroteka Zinema7

$$ Familia Santua Kalea, 1, 20010, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Eat, drink, love. At Zinema7's Bistroteka, you will find authentic local gastronomy, quality raw materials, San Sebastian tradition, contemporary touch and winks, and many moments in cinema. A dynamic and open letter worthy of a Welles in the discovery stages of him or the more familiar Coppola. Fully open to the public on the street and with very long hours, its non-stop kitchen tries to adapt to the circumstances of each client. Whether you are in a hurry or want to enjoy a quiet time, the Bistroteka offers you the atmosphere and the type of gastronomic offer you need.

148 Gastroleku

$$ Iñigo Kalea, 1, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Fast Casual Family Style
Table linen has been essential in the gastronomic, economic and social culture of the seven provinces of the Basque Country. Hence the symbology of Monday, the first day of work, where traditional Basque cuisine can be enjoyed with signature, creative touches, with a grill from the Josper charcoal oven providing its characteristic flavour. All this is in the heart of Donostia, with a magnificent terrace in the mythical Plaza de la Constitución, where the singer Mikel Laboa strolled and created his avant-garde compositions decades ago. Today these tunes play in the bars while enjoying delicious traditional pintxos and portions sitting at one of the tables, standing at the bar or watching the preparation in their show cooking.

Restaurante Casa 887

$$$$ Gran Vía, 9, 20002, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Travel with Chef Antonio Carlos Fontoura Belotti and his team to one of this planet's most vibrant and excellent countries. Local ingredients, traditional processes, authentic recipes and the spark of today, in environments that evoke the culture, rhythm and rhythm of his beloved native Brazil. At Casa 887, you will find a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere that offers you a hand, ready to accompany you and live a culinary experience with a South American flavour. Thanks to his origins, the chef will take you back to his land, discovering the typical delights, aromas and flavours of the land, savouring diversity, and welcoming it.

Sukaldean Aitor Santamaría

$$$$ San Martin Kalea, 45, 20007, San Sebastian
Spanish Japanese European Asian Fine dining
A minimal environment, almost in the centre of Wellness, in the heart of San Sebastian, offers a different dining experience than the solitary restaurant. At Sulkadean, you will find an atmosphere you will not find elsewhere, dishes that you will only see once in a lifetime and smells that will always remind you of this place. A fusion cuisine which blends two cultures at the antipodes, the Mediterranean one with the oriental one, mixing them and creating new lifeblood for the chef and his guests. A sensory and immersive experience among the colours of Donostia and the flavours of the Orient, a perfect combination for something unrepeatable.

Casa Urola

$$$$ Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 20, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Thanks to the cooking style, supporting the primary sector and local and seasonal products are critical elements of the philosophy of the Casa Urola restaurant. Always respected and acclaimed as one of the best in the Donostia region, Casa Urola boasts a Michelin star thanks to its dishes, service, and unique products, which make the words exceptional, unobtainable and unrepeatable. The dishes are prepared using the best seasonal vegetables, the freshest fish and shellfish and the most exclusive meats, pillars of Basque cuisine.

Restaurante La Rampa

$$$$ Kaiko Pasealekua, 26-27, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
The restaurant offers a large terrace in the heart of the pier. It also has an indoor air-conditioned dining room with a capacity for approximately 40 diners. Its dishes are based on top-quality products and prepared simply but at the right point. To highlight fresh fish such as Grouper, Sea Bream, Turbot, Squid with hook, or Grilled Seafood. In La Rampa, not only the best fish and shellfish are offered, but also friendly and close attention, thanks to a magnificent team of people who care for each client respectfully, so they feel at home.


$$ Portu Kalea, 9, 20003, San Sebastian
Italian Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
A welcoming, familiar place, which places at the centre of its project one of the most coveted and desired foods from the earth's most remote corners: pizza. Here she is, the queen, as in Italy, at Raviolina, the Italian flavours and smells are brought to the table by a kind, cordial and cheerful staff who work with outstanding professionalism for their customers only to guarantee them the best. The pizza dough is made with Forza Caputo flour, which rests for up to 48 hours to obtain an excellent base for thin, soft and crunchy pizza with incredible flavour and texture. The ingredients used are only top quality, imported directly from Italy, elevating the pizzas to the category of culinary masterpiece.


$$ Sarriegi Plaza, 7, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Cocktail Bar
A unique venue where music blends with food and creates an irresistible combination where you can't miss a regular stop. A place where the Polka, a piece by Raimundo Sarriegi, leads the way. A place where you can relax and enjoy beautiful music and a convivial atmosphere, as well as excellent food and delicious cocktails prepared by the restaurant's barmen. The menu includes traditional Spanish dishes, starting with tapas, accompanied by craft beer or wine, and then moving on to main courses based on meat and fish without displeasing anyone.


$$$$ Portuetxe Kalea, 14, 20018, San Sebastian
Spanish European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
From Agorregi, the kitchen becomes magic, and the flavours become the tool with which to be able to touch the sky with a finger, without dreaming, but simply eating. Come and discover a young cuisine, but without forgetting the roots and origins of the traditional recipes of the Basque Country. Gorka Arzelus' cuisine is known for the quality and selection of raw materials. All this without forgetting the service, impeccable and flawless. All this will ensure you a pleasant stay in this splendid restaurant.

Sirimiri Gastroleku

$$ C. Mayor, 4, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Cocktail Bar
In the heart of the historic centre, Sirimiri is a space with its character where you can enjoy exquisite dishes and cocktails in a warm and welcoming environment. A place where a balance is sought between dishes, drinks, decoration, service and music and where you want to feel at home. Products of the highest quality and from small producers, especially from the Basque Country, are the protagonists of Sirimiri's cuisine. Seasonal vegetables and the best meat and fish are on a menu carefully designed by the chefs. From the outset, the choice was made for a quality cocktail menu. You can enjoy an extensive cocktail menu from the moment it opens until it closes.


$$$$ Euskal Herria Kalea, 3, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
A restaurant with sea flavours, a few steps from the sea, which is inspired by the currents of the ocean and transports its diners towards a culinary experience that will leave you breathless. An elegant place, which is bright, welcoming and romantic; the perfect place to have a romantic lunch or dinner or for a business meeting. A menu mainly based on fish but not only rich in appetizers, European and Basque first and second courses of land and sea.

Amelia By Paulo Airaudo

$$$$ Zubieta Kalea, 26, 20007, San Sebastian
Japanese European Premium Casual
After many years of training and learning from the best chefs and teams in America and Europe, the chef created Amelia in San Sebastián, aware of what San Sebastián and its chefs mean globally and the challenge that this entailed. She is an emotional part of the challenge, displayed with the name Amelia, in honor of the owner's daughter, Amélie. Since June 2020, Amelia has been at the Villa Favorita Boutique Hotel, in the centre of the very famous La Concha beach and with an open kitchen concept which allows you to express yourself to the fullest with the dinner. In addition, the restaurant can boast of having a kitchen and dining team overflowing with vitality and suppliers, both local and international, following the sustainability philosophy of buying from small artisans and producers who make unique things and products received weekly. Therefore, Amelia, faithful to all of them, will continue her emotional journey from San Sebastián to the world.
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