Best Ethnic Restaurants in Spain

Suan Thai

$$ C. Miguel Soler, 6, 03002, Alicante
Asian Thai Ethnic
Suan Thai offers an authentic Thailand's cuisine in Alicante, Spain.


$$$ C. San Fernando, 23, 41004, Seville
Lebanese Arab Ethnic Fast Casual Family Style
The Arabesca Restaurant is a great gastronomic project in which the 5 senses have been used to offer our customers a real journey to the Middle East rich in flavours and textures. In our kitchen, we not only work with fresh ingredients of the best quality, but we also try to innovate every day to offer our customers the best fusion between tradition and current events. At Arabesca we always try to bring traditional recipes closer to the lifestyle we have today. It is not just a dish, it is a choice of life that passes through the architecture, culture and art that move around us.

Mercado Lonja Del Barranco

$$ C. Arjona, S/n, 41001, Seville
Spanish Japanese European Mediterranean Ethnic Fast Casual Family Style
Find in the Lonja del Barranco market a unique space for the development of your event. We have several places where you can organize unique events, events such as business dinners, product presentations, anniversaries, etc. Contact us to find out all the details. Enjoy the greatest gastronomic experience in Andalusia with 20 different stalls, and a wide variety of products, located in the centre of Seville.

CDLC Barcelona

$$$$ Pg. Marítim De La Barceloneta, 32, 08003, Barcelona
Japanese European Mediterranean Asian Ethnic
Enjoy an unforgettable evening at Carpe Diem, the official ambassador of Dom Pérignon and awarded as one of the best clubs in the world. An enchanting, luxurious, refined place that includes a mix of oriental cultures that leaves you breathless. Food is a pure artistic expression to be enjoyed in the exclusive club and lounge or a comfortable armchair on the banks of the Barceloneta. A mystical place of worship where Indi and Asian cultures are the masters.

YUBI Barcelona

$$$ C/ De Muntaner, 185, 08036, Barcelona
Spanish American French Japanese Asian Peruvian Ethnic Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
In the blue part of the restaurant, there is a Japanese atmosphere. Decorations, furniture and pottery, have been selected by Yoaké San to intensify the gastronomic experience with his cuisine, an immersive journey in an environment reminiscent of the Japanese ryokan, so dear to the chef. An experience to excite you. The privè in the YU area is an intimate and reserved space where each piece of handcrafted furniture and the works of art that decorate it have been selected to make you feel at home. His personalized service in this reserved area is prepared to give you a unique and exclusive experience.

Carlota Akaneya

$$$$ C/ Del Pintor Fortuny, 32, 08001, Barcelona
Japanese Asian Ethnic Premium Casual
Carlota Akaneya is the first sumibiyaki in Europe and one of the five restaurants in Spain that serve wagyū certified as Kobe Beef. Carlota Akaneya is a sumibiyaki of famous Japanese cuisine made with premium products from Japan. The architecture is inspired by the typical Japanese izakaya, with its akachōchin or red lamp lighting its entrance. The sumibiyaki aesthetic of the most alternative Kyoto is transferred to Calle Pintor Fortuny 32 in Barcelona and inside, where nine self-made barbecue tables stand on the same terrazzo floor as the tavern that preceded it, called Ivanhoe. At Carlota Akaneya, tradition and austerity combine to create a genuine atmosphere bathed in jazz music, a favourite among Japan's great chefs.

Ikibana Paralelo

$$$$ Av. Del Paral·lel, 148, 08015, Barcelona
Japanese Asian Brazilian Casual Dining Ethnic
Brazilian Japanese cuisine with its personality in the heart of Barcelona. A meeting of experiences, flavours and styles of East and West. The IKIBANA concept is cosmopolitan, contemporary and unique. Light, harmonious and well-conceived dishes. Tokyo and Sao Paulo give rise to a new frame of reference in Barcelona's gastronomy and emerging cultural diversity. Committed to quality, care at the table and attention to every detail.

Nobu Restaurant

$$$$ Av. De Roma, 2, 08014, Barcelona
Japanese Ethnic Premium Casual
Located on the 23rd floor and graced with panoramic views of the city and sea, Nobu Barcelona showcases the iconic Nobu menu created by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Inspired by his classical training in Tokyo and travels through South America, Chef Nobu continues to bring to life the latest trends in Japanese “New Style” cuisine with an extensive menu of inventive dishes and bold cocktails. In addition to signature classics such as the Yellowtail with Jalapeño and Black Cod with Miso, Nobu Barcelona serves original dishes celebrating the creativity and vibrancy of Barcelona.


$$$ Pla De Palau, 19, 08003, Barcelona
American Mexican Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
At 23 years, chief Joan Bagur will begin working in Carmen Ramírez Degollado's kitchen or Titita, the one in Bajío, Mexico. He is going to stay in this kitchen surrounded by “Mayoras”, traditional Mexican cuineres, who continue to receive them “by handfuls and pinches”,; Cooking each plate with the products of the land that the Milpa produces. This thousand-year-old cuisine conveyed from seas to filles from the weather of the Zapotecs is the treasure Joan Bagur inherited, a prize troba to the gastronomic base of Oaxaca, at the expense of a particular and universal culinary philosophy. To the knowledge of Joan Bagur is going to unite to Barcelona, the experience, the criteria and the curiosity of Iñaki Lz de Viñaspre, the person in charge of realizing and qualifying the ideas, the wills and the structures of Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana.

Foc Barceloneta

$ Pg. De Joan De Borbó, 66, 08003, Barcelona
American Mexican Brazilian Argentinean Casual Dining Ethnic
FOC is a hot and spicy café-like place for Latin American food and drink. And although the owners are not of Latin origin and blood, their passion for the Latin American continent is extreme and shared through travel, friends and family. At FOC, classic dishes from all over LATAM are served, focusing more on the dominant cuisine of Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Portions are satisfying and did informally, going out of their way to make you feel at home.


$$ C/ De València, 273, 08009, Barcelona
African Casual Dining Ethnic
In KABONGO, discover and love all the richness of West African culture. Enjoy delicious traditional dishes and drinks, listen to Afrikaan music, and see amazing views of African countries like Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Open your mind and feel it. Mama Koko cooks the most delicious and flavorful recipes from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Nigeria. She is highly dedicated to fresh and healthy ingredients. Sista Agathe and Sista Suzy, proud of their mix of French and Afrikaans, offer you a nice list of natural French and Spanish wines.

Spice BCN Amigo

$$ Carrer D'Amigó, 39, 08021, Barcelona
African American Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
Spice BCN opened its doors in November 2016. This unique chicken restaurant blends local produce from Spain with herbs and spices imported from Africa and the Caribbean. The homemade sauces are all family recipes made with genuine love and appreciation for great food. In Spice many things are valued, but above all, respect for diners and customers. As a company with many nationalities both behind the scenes, in front of the house and last but not least, the customers! It's vital that everyone feels respected and valued at Spice.


$$ Carrer Nou De La Rambla, 149, 08004, Barcelona
Ethiopian Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
In Ethiopia, food is always shared, so much so that you will often see Ethiopians feeding each other with affection and tenderness. It is called 'gursha' and is a widespread occurrence. Ethiopian cuisine, therefore, reflects this mindset: a variety of dishes presented on a standard plate that blends rich, spicy flavours with light, fresh fare. A typical ethnic place, which returns to an Ethiopian, rustic, simple environment, fabulously depicts a landscape reconstruction of the area.

Addis Abeba

$$ Carrer Del Vallespir, 44, 08014, Barcelona
African Ethiopian Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
To enter Addis Ababa is to discover a new way to enjoy good food with friends and family with very welcoming attention. Immerse yourself in one of the most popular cuisines in Africa, steeped in tradition and exoticism. The team and staff will do anything to make things right except with hospitality and good treatment; all members of Addis Ababa are originally from Ethiopia and strive to make customers smile through Ethiopian cuisine rich in essences and raw materials that surprise every day. The restaurant is truly unique and welcoming; it seems to enter an Ethiopian village, leaving you breathless, recreating in the best possible way the atmosphere that one would breathe in a place like this.

El Magraner Boig

$ Carrer D'En Robador, 22, Local B, 08001, Barcelona
Greek Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
Η Τρελή Ροδιά, El Magraner Boig began its journey in July 2015 to present traditional Greek gastronomy, sincerely avoiding the gastronomic and aesthetic stereotypes which at that time represented the only option for the Barcelona public. With this idea, a Greek restaurant was created in Barcelona, ​​in the heart of the Raval district, like those found in the neighbourhoods of Athens or Thessaloniki. The love for the recipes of Greek cuisine that have lasted over time and have been shaped over the centuries is another critical reason that prompted the owners to create this space.

Welcome India

$$ Calle Valencia, 3, C.C Pueblo Torviscas, Local E03 Y E04, 38660, Costa Adeje
Indian Asian Casual Dining Ethnic
"Welcome to India in Costa Adeje. Tenerife is an enchanting Indian restaurant that offers a culinary journey to the heart of India's rich and diverse food culture. Situated in the lively and picturesque area of Costa Adeje, this restaurant has captured the hearts of diners with its authentic Indian flavours, vibrant atmosphere, and exceptional service. The ambience at Welcome India is a delightful fusion of traditional Indian charm and modern comfort. The interior is adorned with cultural Indian décor, featuring vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and elegant Indian artwork, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant's design perfectly encapsulates the essence of India, making it an ideal place for a memorable dining experience. At the core of Welcome India's menu is a wide array of classic Indian dishes, each prepared with a blend of aromatic spices and fresh ingredients. The kitchen team specializes in various regional cuisines from across India, offering an extensive selection of dishes that cater to all tastes. From rich and creamy curries to fiery tandoori dishes and fragrant biryanis to an array of vegetarian specialities, each dish is a testament to India's flavours and culinary traditions.

Torviscas Spice Village

$$ C. Valencia, 1, Torviscas Bajo, 38660, Costa Adeje
Indian Asian Casual Dining Ethnic
"Torviscas Spice Village in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is a captivating Indian restaurant that offers an immersive culinary experience, taking guests on a flavorful journey through India's rich and varied cuisine. Located in the heart of Costa Adeje, a bustling and scenic area of Tenerife, Torviscas Spice Village has earned acclaim for its authentic Indian dishes, vibrant ambience, and excellent service. The ambience of Torviscas Spice Village is a delightful blend of traditional Indian elegance and contemporary style. The restaurant's décor is infused with the spirit of India, featuring vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and classic Indian art. The warm and inviting atmosphere creates a perfect backdrop for an exotic dining experience. The interior design combines comfort with cultural charm, making it an ideal setting for intimate dinners and group celebrations. At the heart of Torviscas Spice Village is its extensive menu, which showcases the diversity of Indian cuisine. The restaurant specializes in various regional dishes from India, each prepared with authentic spices and cooking techniques. The menu offers an array of choices, including rich and creamy curries, sizzling tandoori dishes, freshly baked naan bread, and an impressive selection of vegetarian and vegan options. Each dish is carefully crafted to bring out the unique flavours and aromas of Indian cooking.

Delhi Darbar

$$ Near Hotel Playa Olid, Av. Ernesto Sarti, 14, 38660, Costa Adeje
Indian Asian Casual Dining Ethnic
"Delhi Darbar in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is a distinguished Indian restaurant renowned for its authentic and exquisite cuisine. Situated in the lively and picturesque area of Costa Adeje, this restaurant has become a culinary haven for those seeking India's authentic flavours and aromas. Renowned for its rich culinary traditions, Delhi Darbar offers a unique dining experience that combines the essence of Indian culture with the charm of Tenerife. The ambience of Delhi Darbar is a harmonious blend of traditional Indian elegance and contemporary design. The interior is adorned with cultural Indian décor, featuring vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and elegant furnishings. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal setting for a romantic dinner, a family meal, or a festive group celebration. At the heart of Delhi Darbar's menu is a selection of classic Indian dishes, each prepared with an array of authentic spices and cooking techniques integral to Indian cuisine. The chefs specialize in regional Indian recipes, offering various flavours for diverse palates. The menu includes an assortment of savoury curries, tandoori specialities, flavorful biryanis, and a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, each showcasing the rich diversity of India's culinary landscape.

BBQ Spice

$$ P.º Guadalajara, 38660, Playa de la Américas
Indian Ethnic
BBQ Spice Tandoori in Tenerife is a vibrant and popular restaurant that brings the rich and aromatic flavours of traditional Indian cuisine to the sunny shores of the Canary Islands. Renowned for its authentic tandoori dishes and warm, inviting atmosphere, this eatery has become a go-to destination for locals and tourists seeking to indulge in the culinary delights of India. The ambience of BBQ Spice Tandoori is colourful and lively, reflecting the vibrant culture of India. The décor is a thoughtful blend of traditional Indian elements and modern design, featuring rich colours, ornate patterns, and comfortable seating. The restaurant creates a welcoming and authentic setting, perfect for a casual dining experience or a festive group meal.

Little India Tenerife

$$ Calle Hermano Pedro De Bethencourt, C.C. Apolo, 2, Local 3, 38650, Los Cristianos
Indian Asian Casual Dining Ethnic
"Little India Tenerife in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, is a vibrant and authentic Indian restaurant that offers a rich and flavorful dining experience. Located in the bustling town of Los Cristianos, this restaurant has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the diverse and aromatic cuisine of India. The ambience of Little India Tenerife is a colourful and inviting fusion of traditional Indian culture and modern dining comfort. The interior is decorated with warm colours, ornate patterns, and Indian artwork, creating an exotic and cosy atmosphere. The restaurant setting is designed to transport diners to the heart of India, making it an ideal place for an immersive culinary adventure. At the core of Little India TeTenerife'sppeal is its extensive menu, which showcases the vast array of flavours and dishes from various regions of India. The restaurant prides itself on serving authentic Indian cuisine, with each dish prepared using traditional spices and cooking methods. The menu offers options from classic curries and tandoori dishes to flavorful biryanis and vegetarian specialities. Each dish is carefully crafted to ensure a balance of spices and flavours, catering to both enthusiasts of Indian cuisine and those new to its diverse flavours.
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