Best Steakhouse Restaurants in Spain

MAUN Grill Bar

$$$ Urbieta Kalea, 9, 20006, San Sebastian
Spanish International Premium Casual
Grill Bar in the historic centre of San Sebastian, an unmistakable land of excellence. Maun is a steakhouse-style restaurant where meat is king, and the best cuts are selected, studied and insured. The incredible quality of their raw materials; the meat is carefully selected, thanks to the countless farms and pastures present in the Basque lands, making the job easier. Maun is a grill bar that looks like a casual but elegant place where you can enjoy a dinner for two or even a family get-together and, why not, even a business meeting. The perfect place to taste real meat, to melt in your mouth.

Negro Carbón Albayzín

$$ Calle, C. De Puente Cabrera, 9, 18009, Granada
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In Black Carbon Albaycín, you share everything that tradition can teach. We understand the art of cuisine as the sum of memory, respect for the best raw material and the taste for life. Being one of the best restaurants in Granada requires excellence, so the essence is based on these three fundamental pillars. The meats are of superfine quality, coming from the best Iberian farms, only on native land. A wine list that must be able to hold the comparison with these delicious meats, ready to accompany the taste and enjoy the best of food.


$$ Pl. Del Campillo Bajo, 10, 18009, Granada
Spanish International European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Biloba is located in the centre of Granada, a modern and current space. It has two interior rooms that combine high and low tables. Inside the restaurant, or rather, outside, you will also find a perfectly conditioned terrace for the days of the sun and rain. Biloba's cuisine offers a mixture of all continents in one letter. It is casual and contemporary, with a clear objective to transmit flavour, simplicity and quality. A vast, rich menu, which erects the Spanish tradition at the centre of its culinary proposal, proposing the typical Spanish culinary dishes with a touch of Andalusia, giving that extra touch to its words.

Atahualpa Steakhouse

$$ Pl. Del Campillo Bajo, S/n, 18009, Granada
Argentinean Casual Dining Family Style
In the centre of Granada, we find Atahualpa, an Argentine restaurant that serves delicious meat. In the heart of the Spanish city, inside the main square, with numerous outdoor tables, ATAHUALPA offers a vast offer of meat, delicious cuts directly from Argentina, the country and the land of large farms and cuts of excellent beef. A specific location where you can enjoy the joys of food, around a table, between friends and relatives, to spend a different evening or lunch in the company.

Asador Contrapunto

$$ C. Gran Vía De Colón, 20, 18010, Granada
Spanish European Premium Casual
El Asador Contrapunto brings together the best products of Mediterranean gastronomy and the unique touch of grilling to form a proposal full of flavour for the taste of all palates. Located in the heart of Granada, this restaurant drinks from the city's essence and draws inspiration from its Nasrid past to create a menu that respects tradition and embraces the avant-garde. From typically Spanish and Andalusian dishes to preparations that wink at other cultures and cuisines, always with respect for the product. Asador Contrapunto is designed to offer a complete gastronomic experience. The best of the freshest products from the market and exquisite local specialities create a high-quality proposal that does not disappoint.

Apo Restaurante

$$$$ Pl. De San Lázaro, 15, 18012, Granada
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
APÖ is the word the Pemones, aboriginal natives of southeast Venezuela, created to name fire. Since humans discovered fire, it has served them not only for warmth, cooking, seeing in the dark, or protection. This is the spirit of APÖ, where all dishes are designed to share and bring people together around a table. An obsessive care for local products and national farmers and breeders, who pamper and take care of their products and the environment. All the ingredients of the dishes are fresh; the vegetables come from local markets, and the meat from national farms with all the certificates guarantees that they are products of the highest quality, with which delicious and healthy dishes are guaranteed. Furthermore, the meat is cooked with an open grill, with which one obtains that characteristic flavour that can only be obtained with direct grilling.

Imperio Grill Churrasquería

$$ Avenida De Manuel Agustín Heredia, 4, 29001, Malaga
Brazilian Casual Dining
Located in the Soho area, a few meters from Pier One, the Imperio Grill Restaurant offers Malaga's best free grilled meat buffet. Its service is called Rodizio: a selection of excellent and juicy slow-cooked chicken, pork, lamb and veal. An elegant atmosphere and pleasant service make your life an unforgettable experience! The meats are served directly at the table by master churrasqueros not to lose juiciness and temperature, a unique Brazilian Rodizio.

Asador Argentino | La Cabrera Málaga

$$ C. Bolsa, 9, 29015, Malaga
Argentinean Casual Dining
The best cuts of the Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds are selected at La Cabrera. When you appreciate a rich amount of meat, the ideal is to eat it juicy, and for this reason, a golden rule must be respected: the diners must wait for the heart and not the other way around. In the exquisite Argentine cuisine, classic and innovative dishes are found. A cult grill, but very Buenos Aires. La Cabrera's gastronomic proposal combines colours and flavours with a distinct atmosphere to enjoy good times. Gastón Riveira is the creator and alma mater of La Cabrera, one of the most successful grills in Buenos Aires. The chef shows you the secrets of preparing the richest dishes. He looks and is surprised.

ANGUS Muelle Uno

$$ Muelle Uno, Local 55, P.º De La Farola, 29001, Malaga
International Casual Dining Family Style
Are you Looking for great steaks in Malaga? Look no further! You will find only the best certified ANGUS meat from Angus Ristorante. The selection process is fundamental and is carried out daily by the Executive Chef. This is to ensure that the quality of the meat is second to none. Before being served, they are carefully hand-cut to obtain the freshest and tastiest meat. They are grilled over a high flame to sear the authentic barbecue flavour. Just before they're removed from the heat, they're brushed with butter and a sprinkle of salt to give them that extra richness that separates Angus steaks from the rest.

El Farolito

$$ C. Beatas, 14, 29008, Malaga
Argentinean Casual Dining Family Style
Straight from the other end of the world to Malaga. The delicious Argentinian meat permeates the city streets with its smells and unique flavour. In the heart of the Andalusian town stands El Farolito, which leaves everyone speechless. Top-quality meat, directly imported from the best Argentinian farms, guarantees excellent product quality and raw materials. The restaurant is casual, suitable for any form of meeting, family or work, and perfect for enjoying the beauties of food together around a set table.

Asador Arde Bilbao

$$$ Henao Kalea, 54, 48009, Bilbao
Spanish Casual Dining Family Style
A steakhouse in full rustic style, with very high-quality meat. At Asador Arde in Bilbao, you will find the best cuts of meat in the whole Basque province. A welcoming room made of wood, almost reminiscent of a mountain cabin, in the middle of the woods during the hunting season. You can breathe fresh mountain air where the meats are carefully selected, chosen and treated in the best possible way.

Restaurante Amaren

$$$ Diputazio Kalea, 6, 48009, Bilbao
European Premium Casual
We travel throughout the peninsula to scrupulously select the best oxen we meet. They are transferred to the structures where during their last year, we try to ensure that they live optimally and relaxed, carefully monitoring their nutrition and that the oxen remain healthy at all times. In the Amaren restaurant, meat is considered the queen, a religion, the reason for living for all those who work behind the scenes, treating the cuts as effectively as possible, guaranteeing customers a quality and a unique flavour of the meat, making it juicy, tasty, unique, unrepeatable.

Txirrita Sagardotegia Sidreria

$$$ San Bartolome Kalea, 32, 20007, San Sebastian
Spanish European Casual Dining Family Style
A cosy place with attention to detail so that your cider experience is unique and authentic. For this reason, from the barrel-shaped entrance to the dining room decorated with wood, the traditional baskets and the photographs of the products aim to take us back to the times of our ancestors when this tradition was born. Sharing is part of the essence of a cider house. The dishes are served in the centre of the table and shared among the diners with conversations, songs, and laughter. Txotx means tap and refers to removing this utensil from the barrel, so the drink flows. It kept its original properties intact by taking it directly from the dome or barrel. Attention to detail is what sets Txirrita apart from all others.

Pintxo Kalea

$$ Av. De Ansaldo, 8, 03540, Alicante
Spanish Mediterranean Premium Casual
From the exclusive olive oil to frying, going through the firewood, make a difference in our restaurant, traditional cuisine, with excellent raw material, simple elaborations, medium portions, and absolute respect for the product. We have a daily menu, with homemade dishes and traditional stews, at noon. Pintxo Kalea is located in Alicante, Spain.

Casa Urola

$$$$ Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 20, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Thanks to the cooking style, supporting the primary sector and local and seasonal products are critical elements of the philosophy of the Casa Urola restaurant. Always respected and acclaimed as one of the best in the Donostia region, Casa Urola boasts a Michelin star thanks to its dishes, service, and unique products, which make the words exceptional, unobtainable and unrepeatable. The dishes are prepared using the best seasonal vegetables, the freshest fish and shellfish and the most exclusive meats, pillars of Basque cuisine.

Carlota Akaneya

$$$$ C/ Del Pintor Fortuny, 32, 08001, Barcelona
Japanese Asian Ethnic Premium Casual
Carlota Akaneya is the first sumibiyaki in Europe and one of the five restaurants in Spain that serve wagyū certified as Kobe Beef. Carlota Akaneya is a sumibiyaki of famous Japanese cuisine made with premium products from Japan. The architecture is inspired by the typical Japanese izakaya, with its akachōchin or red lamp lighting its entrance. The sumibiyaki aesthetic of the most alternative Kyoto is transferred to Calle Pintor Fortuny 32 in Barcelona and inside, where nine self-made barbecue tables stand on the same terrazzo floor as the tavern that preceded it, called Ivanhoe. At Carlota Akaneya, tradition and austerity combine to create a genuine atmosphere bathed in jazz music, a favourite among Japan's great chefs.

Can Xurrades

$$$$ C/ De Casanova, 212, 08036, Barcelona
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Can Xurrades be born in the Barrio de Gracia as a small local tavern? After more than 20 years, the Can Xurrades restaurant was run, where you can taste market products and traditional preparations. Florentine steak over 180 days of seasoning. Or deconstruction of more than 365 days of maturation. The house's speciality is meat. For over 20 years, the heart has been cured in its oil at a constant temperature, sealed over the fire and cooked in Josper. His fame is deserved. Top quality beef, one of the best in Barcelona. Good level cellar without risk. Let us advise you on the choice of meat.

Sumac & Mambo - Restaurante

$$$$ C/ D'Enric Granados, 30, 08007, Barcelona
Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining Family Style
If your taste for the cosmopolitan and alternative is as great as your desire for fun, Sumac & Mambo is the place for you, a revolution in Mediterranean restaurants. Barcelona shows you its best face, inviting you to return to the origins and traditions hand in hand with the pleasures of modern gastronomy, burning embers and the most refreshing craft beer. Let yourself be conquered by a menu where you have to choose between simple dishes or to share, accompanied by the best selection of craft beers.


$$$$ C. Del Conde De Xiquena, 4, 28004, Madrid
Argentinean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Charrùa is a steakhouse in the heart of Madrid. The beef tradition is delicious, juicy and high-quality meat from one of Argentina's most sought-after and renowned lands for beef. Superfine quality cuts of meat frame an elegant, casual location, with an atmosphere of soft lights, which give the place a quiet atmosphere, almost like a jazz bar, accompanying a beef steak. Along with this, the cellar cannot be missing, which offers some of the best reds around from the best local and non-local producers.

MU! El Placer De La Carne

$$ Calle De Chinchilla, 3, 28013, Madrid
Argentinean Casual Dining Fast Casual
In Mu!, you are offered the best selection of Argentinian cuts prepared on the quebracho charcoal grill, which gives the meat that particular flavour and makes it so tender that it melts in your mouth. Come and enjoy the most delicious meat and the most typical Argentine gastronomy. What better way to pair your dish with a good glass of wine? In Mu!, you can enjoy an exquisite 100% Malbec red that will transport you to Mendoza, Argentina's cradle of wine.
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