Best Seafood Restaurants in Spain

La Rana - Spanish Restaurant

$$ Costera Del Barco, 7, 03501, Benidorm
Spanish Casual Dining Family Style
La Rana is a traditional cuisine restaurant in the heart of Benidorm's old town. His story is a jump to the beginnings of the most eclectic and hospitable Benidorm. Founded in the 1960s, the restaurant has managed to survive fashions and trends without neglecting its culinary origins.

Buffalo Beel - Ristogrill & Pizzeria - Steakhouse

$$$ Avenida Castelló, 7, 03503, Benidorm
Italian Spanish Casual Dining Pizzeria
Buffalo Beel is a RistoGrill & Pizzeria in the heart of Benidorm. The restaurant is located 280 meters from the beach.

Restaurante Sa Muralla

$$ Carrer del Portal, 16, 17320, Tossa de Mar
Mediterranean Premium Casual
Restaurant Sa Muralla is located in the most picturesque place in Tossa de Mar: the entrance to the old Ciutat Vella. Its origins go back to the middle of the 20th century. With a family tradition, it was an old Tavern-Bar for fishermen and very frequented by the first tourists. Little by little, thanks to the daily work, the selection of raw materials - mainly seafood - and its professional team, it has become a reference restaurant for traditional Catalan and seafood cuisine in Tossa de Mar. We were awarded 1990 the Diploma Turístic de Catalunya in recognition of our contribution to the promotion of tourism awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Restaurante Origen

$$ C. Darias Y Padron, 38003, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
International Premium Casual
Origen Restaurant, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a culinary gem that celebrates the diverse and exquisite flavours of the Canary Islands. Focusing on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, Origen brings a unique and contemporary twist to traditional Canarian cuisine. The restaurant's ambience is a harmonious blend of modern elegance and island charm. Its chic interior is complemented by subtle Canarian accents, creating a welcoming and upscale setting for diners to enjoy a truly exceptional meal. At Origen, the menu is a carefully crafted journey through Tenerife and the Canary Islands' culinary traditions. From freshly caught seafood to succulent meats and vibrant vegetarian options, each dish is a work of art that showcases the region's finest produce.

Andino Gastrobar

$$ C. Calderón De La Barca, 3, 29005, Malaga
American Casual Dining Family Style Cocktail Bar
Welcome to ANDINO Restaurant and Gastrobar, where the speciality is delicious Latin American cuisine created with ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavours of Latin America itself. A traditional cuisine, where you will find the best favourites from Chile and Peru to Mexico revisited in new and creative ways. Both meat lovers and vegetarians/vegans find what their heart desires. If you want Latin American specialities in an authentic setting in Málaga, visit this cosy family restaurant in the historic centre and try our selected Chilean wines and refreshing Latin American cocktails. Experience the magic of Latin America through its rich flavours, distinct spices and music.

Restaurante Kaleja

$$$$ C. Marquesa De Moya, 9, 29015, Malaga
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Kaleja is a Sephardic word: alley, right where our house is. A hidden alley in the heart of the Jewish quarter, Marquesa de Moya, where Dani cooks time in the form of embers and candles, deeply rooted in the earth, its matter and its roots. Kaleja is a place where the weather is humid. The service lasts about two and a half hours. From the reception in the living room and kitchen to the last dessert, the team works on your experience. Punctuality upon your arrival at the restaurant is essential.

Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar

$$ Calle De Granada 36, 29015, Malaga
Japanese Casual Dining
Sibuya Sushi Bar is that "quiet place" where you can unwind. Delicious sushi, attention to detail and quality, and a uniquely relaxing atmosphere will make your visit to our restaurant recharge your batteries and make it much easier to reconnect with the world out there. In Sibuya, in addition to providing innovative and appetizing sushi, one of the fundamental requirements is that the ingredients are always of the highest quality. This makes the experience and flavour of the dishes incomparable. Sibuya is a new concept of sushi, much bolder and more original. There's a menu with different twists on traditional Japanese, with innovative sushi recipes that go one step further than what you already know to bring you something that will open up the Japanese borders and bring you closer as no one has ever done.

Ababor Marisqueria

$$$$ P.º Cerrado De Calderón, 3, 29018, Malaga
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
Marisquería Ababor is the ideal place to enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine, fish, shellfish, etc. Enjoy the best fish restaurant in Cerrado de Calderón, just 2 minutes from Baños del Carmen. The restaurant is a guarantee of quality, also thanks to excellent service. In summary, it is a cuisine full of flavours and sensations, from which dishes such as fish, fresh seafood, etc., stand out. If you feel like it, the restaurant also has an incredible terrace where you can drink in the sun and enjoy a wonderful day with your family or friends.

Coppola Bilbao

$$ Barraincúa Kalea, 6, 48009, Bilbao
Italian Fast Casual
Coppola is a small and cosy Italian restaurant in Bilbao's heart. Coppola serves quality artisanal food with traditional Italian dishes.

Restaurante Mandoya

$$$ Txakur Kalea, 3, 48005, Bilbao
Spanish European Premium Casual
At the Mandoya Restaurant, the staff put all their passion into your service to offer an unforgettable stay through their cuisine and special and careful attention. After more than fifty years immersed in culinary art, thanks to the use of fresh and local products that make a difference, the Mandoya Restaurant is committed to always maintaining its high quality. More than 55 years have passed since the Mandoya restaurant first opened in Bilbao's Casco Viejo. During all this time, it has been recognized by all as a high-quality restaurant with an unbeatable preparation of its products, accompanied by its hosts' friendly and cordial treatment.

Los Fueros

$$ Foru Kalea, 6, 48005, Bilbao
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
In addition to the classic à la carte menu, Los Fueros offers a series of menus perfect for enjoying and discovering the essence of Basque and Iberian cuisine. The Bilbao de Toda la Vida Menu is a tribute to the city's best-loved gastronomic traditions, while the Jaia Menu covers many of the most famous specialities from the Basque lands. The Lifelong Bilbao menu offers a tour of some of Bilbao's most famous dishes. The perfect gift for those who love good gastronomy. Los Fueros offers traditional cuisine based on the best products. Few extravaganzas and many traditional specialities, sometimes revisited for today's tastes, but always made with the best products.


$$$ Alameda De Recalde, 53, 48010, Bilbao
Peruvian Casual Dining Family Style
Cevitxef, the Peruvian cevichería with a Latin flavour. It's an approach to everything we didn't know, but by trying it, we want to keep discovering. It is freshness, health, flavour and difference. Enjoy Peruvian cuisine and its fusion flavours. A meeting of sea and technique: fresh fish seasoned with lemon or lime, seasoned with the special touch of signature cuisine, where subtle hints of coriander, salt, red onion, corn, mountain corn, sweet potato puree and milk of tiger. Enjoy exotic and fresh flavours with Peruvian dishes. Acevichadas, composed of a base of seasoned and sieved mashed potatoes surrounded by pieces of tuna, octopus, or prawns washed down with leche de tigre.

Asador Arde Bilbao

$$$ Henao Kalea, 54, 48009, Bilbao
Spanish Casual Dining Family Style
A steakhouse in full rustic style, with very high-quality meat. At Asador Arde in Bilbao, you will find the best cuts of meat in the whole Basque province. A welcoming room made of wood, almost reminiscent of a mountain cabin, in the middle of the woods during the hunting season. You can breathe fresh mountain air where the meats are carefully selected, chosen and treated in the best possible way.


$$$ Lersundi Kalea, 3, 48009, Bilbao
Japanese Premium Casual
Wasabi is an authentic Japanese restaurant with a touch of some Eastern and Western fusions. Highlighting its utmost care in the raw material, always using first-choice ingredients. Wasabi was born from the care and passion that its chef Mauricio Cornejo has towards this peculiar gastronomy. The restaurant's philosophy is to entertain diners from start to finish, paying the utmost attention to every detail of their experience. A restaurant in full Japanese style, with ornaments and paintings typical of the land of Rising Sun, offers ultra-traditional cuisine, with the best sushi dishes, accompanied by a spectacular show by the chefs during the preparation of the dishes, making Wasabi a unique restaurant.



$$$ Arriquíbar Plaza, 2, 48008, Bilbao
Japanese Asian Premium Casual
Ura Japones is your place to get out of the routine and embark on a journey through Japanese gastronomy. Delicious sushi, attention to detail and a unique family atmosphere in Bilbao. Recharge your batteries and reconnect with the world in a renewed way. The original and fun recipe is essential, but the quality of the ingredients is supreme and a must. The dishes are prepared with care and detail and with the best of the gastronomy market, and this is undoubtedly evident in that unmistakable flavour. The menu is dynamic and delicious, different every day to enjoy Japanese cuisine at your favourite restaurant. The original recipe is essential, and the supreme quality of the ingredients is a must.

Atípico Asia

$$ Av. Francisco La Roche, 15, 38001, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Asian Elegant & Chic
At Atypical Asia Tenerife, they ​​offer a point of meeting between Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine. They bring the most delicious dishes to your table in these three cuisines in the same restaurant, using the best ingredients to maintain the flavour and purity of food. Gastronomy with the five senses. Atypical Asia is located on the Francisco la Roche Avenue seaside in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The restaurant stands out for its minimalist decoration, pure lines and clear spaces. The interior design and the combination of artisanal ornamentation create an environment full of energy and balance. A spacious, elegant and cosy place to taste oriental cuisine with family, friends and loved ones.

Almar Tenerife

$$$$ Kristal Center, C. Gran Bretaña, 10, C.C, 38660, Costa Adeje
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
"Almar Tenerife in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is an exquisite and sophisticated restaurant that offers a luxurious dining experience with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Situated in the upscale and picturesque area of Costa Adeje, Almar Tenerife has established itself as a premier destination for fine dining, known for its stunning ambience, exceptional cuisine, and unparalleled service. The décor of Almar Tenerife is a testament to modern elegance and style. The restaurant features a sleek, contemporary design with an open, airy layout that maximizes spectacular seaside views. The interior is adorned with chic furnishings, subtle lighting, and tasteful art pieces, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. The outdoor terrace, overlooking the ocean, provides a mesmerizing setting for dining under the stars, making it a perfect spot for romantic evenings or special occasions. At the heart of Almar Tenerife's culinary experience is a menu showcasing a fusion of international flavours, focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The chefs at Almar are committed to culinary excellence, creating dishes that are visually stunning and rich in taste and creativity. The menu includes various gourmet options, from succulent seafood and expertly grilled meats to innovative vegetarian dishes, each crafted to perfection.

Kai La Caleta

$$$ Calle El Muelle, 2 Edif. Famar, Local 3/4, 38679, La Caleta
Japanese Asian Ethnic Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
"Kai in La Caleta, Tenerife, is an exquisite and contemporary restaurant that stands out as a culinary gem, offering a unique fusion of international cuisines in one of Tenerife's most picturesque locales. Located in the charming coastal village of La Caleta, Kai has quickly garnered a reputation for its innovative dishes, stylish ambience, and exceptional service, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. The décor of Kai is a testament to modern elegance and sophistication. The restaurant features a sleek and minimalist design, with an open, airy layout that creates a relaxing and upscale dining environment. Natural materials, subtle lighting, and neutral colours add to the chic and refined atmosphere. The outdoor seating area offers stunning sea views, providing a serene backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience. At the heart of Kai's culinary expertise is a menu that showcases a creative fusion of flavours from around the world. The kitchen team at Kai takes pride in using the freshest local ingredients to craft visually stunning and gastronomically exciting dishes. The menu is a dynamic blend of international cuisines, offering various dishes ranging from new seafood creations and gourmet meat entrées to innovative vegetarian and vegan options. Each dish is a culinary art designed to surprise and delight the palate.

Daiko Sushi Bar

$$$ Plaza Del Dr. Olivera, 8, 38202, La Laguna
Japanese Asian Peruvian Ethnic Premium Casual
"Daiko Sushi Bar in La Laguna, Tenerife, is a vibrant and authentic sushi restaurant that offers a true taste of Japanese culinary artistry. Located in the historic and charming city of La Laguna, Daiko Sushi Bar has become a favourite destination for sushi lovers and those seeking an authentic Japanese dining experience in the Canary Islands. The ambience of Daiko Sushi Bar is a delightful blend of traditional Japanese elegance and contemporary style. The interior is designed with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring clean lines, natural wood accents, and subtle lighting, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. The sushi bar area is a focal point of the restaurant, where guests can watch the skilled chefs at work, crafting each piece of sushi with precision and care. At the core of Daiko Sushi Bar's menu is an exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi prepared using the freshest, high-quality ingredients. The restaurant takes pride in its authentic approach to sushi-making, offering a range of traditional nigiri, maki, and sashimi and inventive rolls that showcase a fusion of flavours. In addition to sushi, the menu includes a variety of other Japanese dishes, such as tempura, teriyaki, and ramen, providing a comprehensive taste of Japan's diverse culinary offerings.

Restaurante SOBO

$$$ Avenida Bruselas S/n Centro Comercial El Mirador, Local 5, 38670, Costa Adeje
Japanese Asian Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
"Restaurant SOBO in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is a chic and contemporary dining establishment known for its innovative approach to international cuisine. Nestled in the vibrant and upscale area of Costa Adeje, SOBO has become a culinary beacon, attracting guests with its fusion of global flavours, stylish ambience, and impeccable service. The décor of Restaurante SOBO is a perfect blend of modern elegance and relaxed sophistication. The interior design features clean, sleek lines, a sophisticated colour palette, and tasteful artistic elements that create an atmosphere of refined contemporary charm. Large windows allow natural light to fill the space, enhancing the welcoming and airy feel of the restaurant. The outdoor seating area offers a delightful al fresco dining experience, perfect for enjoying the balmy Tenerife evenings. At the heart of SOBO's culinary expertise is a menu celebrating the fusion of international flavoured techniques. The kitchen team at SOBO takes pride in creating dishes that are not only visually stunning but also packed with diverse and harmonious tastes. The menu offers an eclectic mix of dishes, ranging from fresh seafood and succulent meats to inventive vegetarian options, each prepared with the freshest ingredients and a creative touch.
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