Best Fusion cuisine Restaurants in Spain

Al Margen

$$$ Urazurrutia Muelle, 2, 48003, Bilbao
Spanish International European Mediterranean Premium Casual
A restaurant whose main objective is to develop an offer of haute cuisine, taking into account the simplicity and flavour of the product. A cuisine born from personal experience. "Taste is in simplicity" could be one of the phrases that define the philosophy of the Al Margen restaurant. A different proposal for the gastronomy of Bilbao. Led by Adrian Leonelli and Pablo Valdearcos, two chefs who come from the world of haute cuisine and who live from and for gastronomy. Both the decoration, the cooking and the service can boast sobriety and temperance and, in turn, be rich in details, nuances and elegance. In this setting, the diner has the opportunity to try, depending on the time of year, the products that each season offers us.

Miishi Restaurante

$$$ V. De Colón, 1, 38660, Costa Adeje
Japanese Asian Ethnic Premium Casual
"Miishi Restaurant in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is a sophisticated and contemporary dining venue renowned for its fusion of Asian and international cuisines. Situated in the vibrant and upscale area of Costa Adeje, Miishi Restaurant has become a culinary landmark, attracting a discerning clientele with its innovative dishes, elegant ambience, and exceptional service. The décor of Miishi Restaurant is a blend of modern sophistication and Asian-inspired elegance. The interior design features sleek lines, luxurious furnishings, and a chic colour palette, creating a stylish and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant's ambience is enhanced by subtle lighting and artistic details, providing a perfect setting for a refined dining experience. At the heart of Miishi Restaurante's culinary philosophy is a commitment to fusion cuisine, artfully blending Asian flavours and techniques with international influences. The menu is a testament to culinary creativity, featuring various beautifully presented dishes that tantalize the senses. Each dish is a masterpiece of flavour and presentation, from expertly prepared sushi and sashimi to innovative main courses and exquisite desserts.

Kentia, Gourmet Club

$$$$ C. Reina Sofía, 23, 35510, Tías
Spanish European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Our cuisine is national and international, recognizable for its local products. With Pan-African textures and flavours, with simple techniques, the product is the protagonist. To always guarantee the best product with the highest quality and freshness and to always be innovative, we launch four menu proposals per year, depending on the season. For three hundred sixty-five days, we surprise our national and international clients with excellent service in a modern environment. With a wide selection of wines and spirits, we are very proud of our great selection of wines from the African continent. Kentia cocktail bar, with decoration inspired by African motifs, offers our clients signature cocktails in unique sculpture glasses or a wide selection of coffees from Ethiopia to Brazil. Live music several days a week. Our Chef has created a tasting menu with flavours from Africa to the Canary Islands. Local products such as flower cheese from Guía, Red prawns from La Santa, mojo sauce, or prickly pear blend smoothly and elegantly with flavours from the neighboring continent to make you travel with the senses. Do not forget to try one of our wildest cocktails, such as "Kentia Fish" from the deep waters of the Atlantic or "Kong-Tiki" from the deep jungle.

Restaurante Alarz Bahía Club

$$$$ Parque Islas Canarias, S/n, 35500, Arrecife
Spanish European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
A taste of the sea, of our land, of the essence of Spanish gastronomy and new flavours, coming from the greatest international gastronomic trends. A sophisticated concept with unbeatable sea views from our terrace, where the main protagonist is the product you taste. The Alarz Bahía Club restaurant in Arrecife awaits you for a gourmet experience with your partner, family or friends to offer you a journey to the great flavours of our gastronomy. A journey to rediscover the flavours and textures of our national gastronomy together with the main international trends. Alarz aims at reinventing the concept of the Spanish beach bar in an urban, elegant and modern environment.

La Gaia By Óscar Molina

$$$$ Passeig Joan Carles I, 17, 07800, Ibiza
International Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Since 2017 we have been pioneers in creating a unique gourmet experience in Ibiza, inviting renowned chefs such as Henrique Sá Pessoa, José Avillez, Mario Sandoval and Roberto Ruiz to create tasting menus together with our chef Óscar Molina (all of them awarded with 1 and 2 MICHELIN stars ). This summer two important chef ambassadors of Mediterranean cuisine and produce; Andreu Genestra (MICHELIN Star and MICHELIN Green Star) and Pablo González (Two MICHELIN Stars) accompanied our chef Óscar Molina (MICHELIN Star) and his team in two unique events creating a sophisticated and creative menu inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and its richness. Excited to continue celebrating gastronomic nights in Ibiza, next summer 2024 we are committed to continue hosting great personalities of national and international gastronomy.

Tercer Acto

$$$ C. Córdoba, 13, 29001, Malaga
Spanish Mediterranean Asian Premium Casual Cocktail Bar
And what do you want to try? Whether it's the spark of a dinner with friends at a high table, the intimacy of a romantic date with incandescent marble or a business lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. The third act is more than a place. It is a moment. A state of mind where relaxation allows the senses to recreate, whether with fine Japanese cuisine or a reinterpreted local dish. The show can only end with applause if combined with a good cocktail.

La Trattoria Di Cervantes

$$ C. Álamos, 11, 29012, Malaga
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The Tapeo Cervantes is already very well-known to lovers of “great food” for its traditional and new, creative tapas and carefully selected range of wines and beers. Its ardent devotees can try to judge its founder’s ambitious new undertaking. Gabriel Spatz, the founder of the original, a professional restaurateur from Argentine, came to Malaga in 2008, loved it and decided to stay and open El Tapeo de Cervantes at Calle Carcer 11 in the old quarter. The choice of dishes prepared by Jesús, the creative chef, is vast and exciting, a happy combination of culinary art from different sources. For instance, the sweetbreads, a classic Spanish dish, are served with the far-famed chimichurri sauce from Argentine. All the ingredients are fresh, and the tapas menu changes according to the season.

Ola Martin Berasategui

$$$$ Erribera Kalea, 13, 48005, Bilbao
Spanish International European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Ola Martín Berasategui is the destination for lovers of haute cuisine. Restaurant with 1 Michelin star and 1 Repsol sun, Ola Martin Berasategui is located in the heart of Bilbao's Casco Viejo, under the gastronomic direction of Martín Berasategui and with Raúl Cabrera as executive chef. Nature is wise, and you must know how to listen to it. The market is the one that dictates and suggests a shopping basket in which to recreate oneself. A modern, avant-garde cuisine for an equally stylish place, simple at the same time, where you can enjoy an authentic culinary experience, like the restaurant itself.


$$$$ Barroeta Aldamar Kalea, 8, 48001, Bilbao
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Bascook is chef Aitor Elizegi's proposal in this restaurant in an old salt warehouse with a calm atmosphere and soft lighting to enjoy dishes with soul. Bascook is local cuisine that smacks of evolving daily work; it is Basque and international cuisine; it is green&local, it is signature cuisine for all audiences; it is flavour, and it is true to the dish. In Bascook, cooking is understood by name and surname, as a cuisine that comes and goes, cuisine from the earth and the sun, cuisine that recalls a street or a smile, the products gathered nearby, the recipes are written over time.

Restaurante Porrue

$$$$ Alameda De Recalde, 4, BJ, 48009, Bilbao
European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Unai Campo is head chef; after working at renowned grills in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, he took over the business, specializing in fresh and seasoned grilled products (meat, fish, vegetables…). His secret lies in the selection of raw materials, seasonal products purchased by farmers in their farmhouses, and the "arrantzales" (fishermen). His fusion cuisine combines seasonal Basque cuisine with creativity and fresh new ideas. Hardened over a thousand embers throughout the Basque Country, Unai is the antithesis of the elegant chefs that are so fashionable nowadays. He assumed his position with hard work, ambition and attitude, puzzling those short-sighted people who can't place a man with a villager's smile in too elegant an atmosphere.


$$$ C. Merced, 4, 29012, Malaga
International European Fine dining Premium Casual
The idea behind Dynamit was that you wanted to create a restaurant with Spanish products but transform it into something else. You can't find a second stay with unpretentious food in Malaga. A place where you can relax, have a nice dinner with a good wine, chat with the staff and most importantly, a place we would like to go. A place where you can breathe food, tradition, innovation, work, effort and satisfaction. Modern cuisine, however, does not turn its back on its tradition anchored in the past. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, which stands out for its great staff, chefs, and unique dishes.

Restaurante Nura

$$$$ Maiatzaren Biko Kalea, 1, 48003, Bilbao
Mediterranean Fine dining
Nura was born from a project in 2015 in the heart of the San Francisco district via Dos de Mayo, carried out by two young hospitality promises who will give life to one of the most admired restaurants in Bilbao. The Nura restaurant offers a sincere cuisine in which traditional Basque cuisine is approached with Mediterranean touches typical of Menorcan cuisine, the homeland of Biel Portella, hence the team's motto: "Bilbao cooked Menorcan". The knowledge acquired in their training at the Galdakao Hospitality School also added the taste for the good wines supplied by Eder or the market cuisine in which the raw materials of the Ribera market are integrated.

Topa Sukaldería

$$ Agirre Miramon K., 7, 20003, San Sebastian
American Mexican Casual Dining Family Style
TOPA Sukaldería celebrates the centuries of history that unite the Basques and Latin Americans. It is the point where both gastronomies meet to share products, flavours, recipes, stories and customs, with the desire to taste, discover and have fun. A meeting of cultures that are fundamentally opposed but which meet on a culinary level, merging and creating a mix of flavours and smells that will enchant the diners, making them experience a sensation of lightness and pure enjoyment. A simple, bright and welcoming place, perfect for any type of lunch or dinner with family or friends.

Tedone Jatetxea

$$ Al Lado, Calle Corta, Mirakruz Kalea, 10, 20001, San Sebastian
Spanish International Casual Dining
Following the same line but in continuous evolution, Tedone offers a series of totally vegetarian dishes and other mixed dishes that will change according to the market and the season. The restaurant's growth means that 85 and 90% of all ingredients that make up this menu are organic, organic, non-GM and/or whole. With this, we try to contribute to the spread of organic food and enhance the great work that organic producers do. Just as we still think it's possible to be a better person in a better world, so is a better diet.


$$$ Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 8, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual Family Style
In full Spanish style, to be even more specific, Basque, we find, in the heart of the enchanting San Sebastian on the sea, the Mendaur Berria restaurant. In the heart of the Basque town, the restaurant offers traditional Spanish, Mediterranean and Basque cuisine, proposing the typical culinary dishes of Iberian history, handed down from generation to generation, and repurposed on the tables to move the clock back a few decades, since the story began. A familiar, welcoming, warm place, perfect for being with your family or your other half, where you can enjoy food and wine and spend an evening with friends.

MAUN Grill Bar

$$$ Urbieta Kalea, 9, 20006, San Sebastian
Spanish International Premium Casual
Grill Bar in the historic centre of San Sebastian, an unmistakable land of excellence. Maun is a steakhouse-style restaurant where meat is king, and the best cuts are selected, studied and insured. The incredible quality of their raw materials; the meat is carefully selected, thanks to the countless farms and pastures present in the Basque lands, making the job easier. Maun is a grill bar that looks like a casual but elegant place where you can enjoy a dinner for two or even a family get-together and, why not, even a business meeting. The perfect place to taste real meat, to melt in your mouth.

Sukaldean Aitor Santamaría

$$$$ San Martin Kalea, 45, 20007, San Sebastian
Spanish Japanese European Asian Fine dining
A minimal environment, almost in the centre of Wellness, in the heart of San Sebastian, offers a different dining experience than the solitary restaurant. At Sulkadean, you will find an atmosphere you will not find elsewhere, dishes that you will only see once in a lifetime and smells that will always remind you of this place. A fusion cuisine which blends two cultures at the antipodes, the Mediterranean one with the oriental one, mixing them and creating new lifeblood for the chef and his guests. A sensory and immersive experience among the colours of Donostia and the flavours of the Orient, a perfect combination for something unrepeatable.


$$ Sarriegi Plaza, 7, 20003, San Sebastian
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Cocktail Bar
A unique venue where music blends with food and creates an irresistible combination where you can't miss a regular stop. A place where the Polka, a piece by Raimundo Sarriegi, leads the way. A place where you can relax and enjoy beautiful music and a convivial atmosphere, as well as excellent food and delicious cocktails prepared by the restaurant's barmen. The menu includes traditional Spanish dishes, starting with tapas, accompanied by craft beer or wine, and then moving on to main courses based on meat and fish without displeasing anyone.

Spice BCN Amigo

$$ Carrer D'Amigó, 39, 08021, Barcelona
African American Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
Spice BCN opened its doors in November 2016. This unique chicken restaurant blends local produce from Spain with herbs and spices imported from Africa and the Caribbean. The homemade sauces are all family recipes made with genuine love and appreciation for great food. In Spice many things are valued, but above all, respect for diners and customers. As a company with many nationalities both behind the scenes, in front of the house and last but not least, the customers! It's vital that everyone feels respected and valued at Spice.

Fishology Restaurant

$$$$ C/ De La Diputació, 73, 08015, Barcelona
Spanish Mediterranean Premium Casual
Fishølogy is a new project created to make known its philosophy regarding the sea and the products it offers us. A restaurant concept based on examining and updating the ancestral techniques used to prepare and preserve fish. The Fishølogy team studied the preparations made in ancient times to protect fish through salt. Canning, salting, curing, pickling and smoking are some of the learned, developed and modernized techniques you can find at Fishølogy restaurant. To obtain the best result from these elaborations, top-quality products are needed. Only sustainable fish products are chosen, and even the smallest detail of the production process is taken care of.
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